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1865 – 1875

Basque style bodice, long sleeved, beige silk tafetta with a small print of lavender flowers, silk and cotton lined. The buttons in the front are covered in lavender tafetta as are the front and ba...


Black silk bodice with vertical stripes and floral design woven in and also has bunches of bright flowers embroidered on the material. The bodice comes into a point back and front. It has covered b...

1850 – 1869

Black bodice with velvet trim bordering the bottom, front, sleeves, and back. Five buttons on each side of front, wide sleeved, waistlength and tail in back. Two buttons on back with velvet bow. Tw...

FIC.2018.011 A
19th century

Cream colored two-piece evening dress with bertha and petticoat. Bodice A, Skirt B, Bertha C, petticoat D. Bodice has extremely pointed front with high waist. Arms set off the shoulder with tulle p...

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