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A blue glass swizzle stick with a yellow ball at top. Along the stem reads, "New England Steamship Co. Serving All New England" and features a flag printed with "NE". Identical to 2006.13.3.

before 1937

Brass key used on the steamship 'Priscilla' for stateroom 232.

before 1937

A single 7" long leather shoe in poor condition. The shoe has been slattened, appears to have an instep strap. Piece of paper glued onto foot of shoe reads 'Child's shoe, found in attic of Maudsley...

April 27 1937

Linen-type postcard, color image of The Old Stone Mill in Newport, R.I. Two people on bench visible in lower left corner. Note to Carfman, H.E. from Jillian.

circa 1937

This is a map of New York City in 1782. Includes a key of important places, such as churches, markets, and meeting places. Also shows fortifications from the Revolutionary War. 

circa 1937

This is a map of Newport, showing Ocean Drive, the Cliff Walk and historic buildings. It was distributed by Dutchland Farms and compiled by W.C. Evans. It is taped onto a piece of cardboard. 

A blue glass swizzle stick with a yellow ball at top. The stem reads "New England Steamship Co. Serving All New England," and features a flag printed with "NE". Identical to 2006.13.4.

A photograph of a row of stores on Broadway, taken from Rogers High School. Visible storefronts include "First National Stores" (# 82) and Stark's Garage (#84). The Paramount Theatre, out of view...

Photograph of the J yacht K6, the Endeavor II, the 1937 British Challenger at the America's Cup race. The photograph shows the crew of the yacht while the boat is in full sail. It was ordered by Th...

Scrapbook and photograph album containing exterior and interior photographs of the Frazier Jelke estate, Eagle's Nest. Scrapbook includes newspaper clippings and magazine articles about the estate....

"To Julie Sheldon" - lower right. 
"Etching made 1937. Dominica B.W.I. Village of Cochrane way up the imperial road of the way to the rain forest. 'The Valley'. Etching by William H. Drury. A...

"Beatrice Palmer" "Moved by Caleb in 1928" "Rebecca named (illegible) and I descend from the line of daughters of the american colonists. Gov. Caleb Carr of Newport R.I." 
Portrait bust of wo...

Brochure featuring The Mile Post, produced by "Newport Pathfinder: The Official Guide to Newport".

A promotional brochure produced for The Short Line bus company, including a general map of Newport, a map of Ocean Drive (Ocean Avenue), and short descriptions of recreational activities and points...

A brochure printed for the 1937 America's Cup by the Texaco Waterways Service. Front cover includes an illustration of two yachts racing. Interior folds out to become a map depiciting the area of...

Metal pin with Statue Of Liberty and the words '1937 American Legion, Foreign Pilgrimage' attached to red, white and blue silk ribbon, hanging from ribbon is another metal piece depicting globe wit...

A photograph depicting the entrance hall at the Vernon House, Clarke Street. A staircase is visible at right; elaborate moldings, including carved scrolls and leaves, are visible at foreground. Pho...

A copy of a photograph taken for the Historic American Buildings Survey, 1937. Photograph depicts George Snell's 1858 addition to the Redwood Library, including three Palladian windows originally l...

A photograph of the interior of the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House, including views of a stairway and a paneled gallery. An octagonal wall clock, made by William Claggett of Newport, hangs on th...

Photograph of the interior of the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House, including a pupit, panels depicting the Ten Commandments, and a gallery. At the time the photograph was taken, the building serv...

A photograph of Ranger sailing with its crew in Newport, 1937.

A photograph of sailor Jack Gladwish taking a drink aboard an unidentified yacht (probably America's Cup), 1937. Another sailor, smoking, stands behind Gladwish. Photo taken for an unidentified n...

A photograph of Endeavour II, an America's Cup yacht, sailing past Fort Adams.

A photograph depicting "Ranger," William K. Vanderbilt's 1937 defender of the America's Cup. The photograph shows the J Class yacht with a billowing sail.

Black and white photo of the crew of the Endeavour II, 1937 America's Cup. Image shows 5 men on board. Reverse of photo reads "Aboard Cup Challenger, Endeavour II/Above... T.O.M. Sopwith, owner a...

1935 – 1946

Poster: 3-color with half tone of clown (head and shoulders). Text: Gorman Bros. Circus featuring Poodles Hanneford and famous familymstar of screen and circus, Newport, RI

1935 – 1946

Poster advertising Gorman Bros. Circus. 3-color with half-tone photo of six people, 5 horses; people in formal costume, central figure (Hanneford) in raccoon coat. Text reads: Gorman Bros/Circus/fe...

1935 – 1946

Poster, 3-color on poster board advertising the Gorman Bros. Circus and Rodeo at Beattie park. Half-tone image of cowboy on horse, holding steer by tail.

Family photo album of Margaret Ballard, sister of Locket Ford Ballard Sr., and aunt of Locket Ford Ballard, Jr. The photographs range from 1934 to 1944 and show the daily life, travels and acquaint...

circa 1930 – 1960

Pillbox hat comprised of maroon and pink velvet gathered into an asymetrical silhouette. Hat interior features black netting and two combs affixed at the left and right of the hat.

circa 1930 – 1960

Pillbox hat made of navy, hunter green, and deep turquoise velvet sewn in layers with a rosette at the peak of the crown and two gathered layers comprising the lower layers. The interior is reinfor...

circa 1930 – 1940

Circular light brown fur hat with an open center and interior applied bow. The hat features a band which is comprised of a ribbed pile fabric. The interior tag reads: "Union Made 128681 IN U.S.A 6".

circa 1930 – 1940

Cloche made of green woolen felt, the exterior is covered with green fur-like pile fabric. The front of the cloche features a blue ostrich feather garnished with smaller green and blue feathers and...

circa 1930 – 1944

Linen-type postcard of Beacon Rock. The code "4A-H1500" appears in lower right corner. On reverse is a note addressed to Mrs. Allen Phelps.

circa 1930 – 1944

Linen-type postcard of The Breakers. The mark "E-6226" appears in the lower right corner. The reverse has a note to Clifford Dubois II from "Daddy". Postcard is postmarked Apr 28, 1949.

A photograph of the Barker Paint & Wallpaper storefront (Spring Street), illuminated at night. Signage at the bottom of the window reads "IMPORTED DOMESTIC WALLPAPERS"; merchandise in the windo...

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