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before 1938

A black and white negative (Kodak "Safety" film) depicting the Easton's Beach roller coaster and a large billboard. Automobiles and a pile of wodd are visible at foreground; billboard reads as foll...

before 1932

Pencil sketch in brown of small structure next to a tree. A three mast ship sails in the background. Very loose pencil strokes with detail only depicted in the boat.

A blue glass swizzle stick with a yellow ball at top. Along the stem reads, "New England Steamship Co. Serving All New England" and features a flag printed with "NE". Identical to 2006.13.3.

before 1936

A linen-type postcard depicting a view from the Cliff Walk. Caption reads: "THE CLIFFS, ALONG THE CLIFF WALK, NEWPORT, R.I." The reverse has a handwritten message and is postmarked July 7, 1936.

before 1937

A single 7" long leather shoe in poor condition. The shoe has been slattened, appears to have an instep strap. Piece of paper glued onto foot of shoe reads 'Child's shoe, found in attic of Maudsley...

Painting of large steamboat; "Providence" written on ship in red letters in center; front of boat reads: "Fall River Line" also in red; eight flags on ship; many passengers visible; greenish-blue w...

A photograph depicting downtown Newport, looking east towards Trinity Church. Photo was taken from an unidentified wharf (possibly Banister's); the bow of the yacht "Aloha" (1910-1938) is visible a...

A photograph of houses on Levin Street, looking west. The steeple of St. Mary's Church is visible in the background; an automobile can be seen at far right. Photograph by Jonas Bergner (1859-1936).

A photographic portrait of Dr. Marcus Wheatland. This particular copy is a negative created using an original photograph.

A photograph depicting the J.T. O'Connell Supply Company office and supply warehouses, located on Long Wharf. Signage painted on the buildings reads: "Ship Chandlery/Hardware/Builders/Plumbers/Ste...

An aerial photograph of the Clambake Club in Middletown, taken prior to the Hurricane of 1938. The Club is bordered by a rocky coast at foreground and farmland in the background. Automobiles can ...

A sepia tone photograph of Newport Hospital nursing staff. The seven women at center are in nursing uniforms, including starched hats and white high-collared dresses. The woman at far left wears ...

Reverse of photo: "Gardner's House of Dr. Rice's Estate Coggeshall Ave next to Frie Barn started demolishing Nov. 18, 1930."

Clipping describing Professor B.L. Henin's reprinting of the historical cuts that had been destroyed in a fire in one of the closets of the Vernon House, Rochambeau's Headquarters on Navy Street in...

Photograph by William King Covell of the spire of Trinity church, as seen from Frank Street.

Light blue ribbon "Lection Day, May 23, 1939 Newport, RI Guest". Black writing and image of Newport Seal

Badge with red silk ribbon used to identify a committee member for 'Election Day May 23, 1939' the seal in the center is of Newport, as seen from the water; in black text around the seal are the wo...

Newport Daily News glass plate negative of the Sunset League. Players are seated on the field in front of first base bleachers, while league officials are standing behind them. Spectators are seate...

Newport Daily News glass plate negative of Sunset League officials. The men are standing on a baseball mound, wearing suit jackets, hats, and ties. A couple of the officials are posing with basebal...

circa 1939

This is a map of the garden tour throughout Newport to benefit the Newport Civic League in 1939. Compiled by Yeaton. 

Pageant of Coaster's Island tercentenary.

Black and white etching of Trinity Church from Spring Street

This map shows the highways throughout Rhode Island in 1939. Compiled by the Rhode Island Dept. of Public Works Division of Roads & Bridges. 

This map shows Newport's Ten Mile Drive, the Bay, S.E. New England and Southern New England and the roads throughout the area, all with prominent references to the Mt. Hope Bridge. Compiled by John...

Photograph of crown and performers at Freebody Park during the historical pageant "The Epic of Newport," a celebration of the city's tercentenary. A group of scouts stand in the center.

A brochure containing driving maps of Rhode Island and surrounding New England States, Newport's Ocean Drive (Ocean Avenue), and Aquidneck Island with adjacent cities. Produced for the Mount Hope B...

A photograph of the stable at Beach Cliffe (Bushy Park), prior to redevelopment of the property. Photo was taken near the corner of Bath Road (Memorial Boulevard) and Rhode Island Avenue.

A photograph of Beach Cliffe in ruins, just prior to its demolition. The Beach Cliffe estate (later "Bushy Park") is located at the corner of Bath Road (Memorial Boulevard) and Rhode Island Avenue.

A photograph depicting the John Clarke School's Class of 1939. Students are seen seated and standing in tiered rows.

A black and white photograph taken at the 1939 New York World's Fair. The photo features a tall structure topped by a star-like sphere, possibly a sculpture or part of a pavilion.

A black and white photograph taken at the 1939 New York World's Fair. The photo features a group of people observing an outdoor sculpture comprised of naturalistic forms and human figures.

A black and white photograph taken at the 1939 New York World's Fair. The photo features "Trylon" and "Perisphere," the central sculptural symbols of the Fair. A bus, a landscaped area, and a rai...

Print, Photographic
September 1938

A photograph depicting the yacht Placidia capsized near Long Wharf, Hurricane of 1938. The yacht once belonged to John Jacob Astor III. Newspaper clipping affixed to reverse reads as follows: "Corr...

Print, Photographic
September 1938

A photograph of Thames Street at Long Wharf after the Hurricane of 1938. All streets are significantly flooded; two figures can be seen wading through the water at left. The Brick Market and a stre...

Print, Photographic
September 1938

A photograph of destruction in Washington Square as a result of the Hurricane of 1938. A collapsed bandstand is visible at center; tree limbs and debris are visible throughout. The Strand Theatre's...

Print, Photographic
September 1938

A photograph depicting Memorial Boulevard near Easton's Beach during or after the Hurricane of 1938. Flooding and high surf are visible at center; the Easton's Beach pavilion is visible in the dist...

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