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before 1937

Brass key used on the steamship 'Priscilla' for stateroom 232.

Book, Ration
October 4 1944

World War II ration book no. 3. Original cover is missing. It has been replaced by a piece of green cardboard. Belonged to Robert Lawrence Shea. Three pages of stamps. Instructions for use on back ...

World War II ration book no. 3 with four pages of stamps depicting planes, boats and tanks. Belonged to Robert A. Shea. Instructions on back cover. '261977 ev' stamped in red; 'book 4' written in i...

World War II ration book No.3 with four pages of ration stamps, belonged to Madeline C. Shea. Ration stamps depict images of tanks, boats and planes. Instructions for use on the back of the booklet...

February 25 1892

Certificate presented to Thomas Albro, policeman on 2/25/1892 by the Special Police Force, Newport, RI. Red Newport seal on certificate. When certificate is folded it resembles a pamphlet.

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