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circa 1904

Small change purse with a short chain. Gold in color. Chain link metal outside with gold balls hanging from the bottom. Decorative floral detail on the opening with interlocking ball clasp. White/c...

Pink flowered taffeta ribbon Handkerchief Bag. Covered top and bottom, over cardboard, connected by gathered band or ribbon. Center is square with pink ribbon, Edges are slightly ruffled.

Beaded purse made of cloth with floral design of beads (red & blue flowers) with scene at bottom of woman feeding a sheep by a tree (on both sides); top fringed with light blue cloth.

Purse made of merino on linen with Irish stitch in flame pattern, silk braid border, canvas shows through in spots. Made in New England.

Irish stitch predominantly, pink, green lining. Initials "EP" in square under flap. Made of wool yarn (crewel) on linen in Newport, RI

"Housewife" bag. Rose-tan, bound with dark blue calico. Made from scraps of material of various sizes, designs, and colors.

Purse made of silk thread on linen with queen's stitch only, striped silk lining, blue predominates. Made in New England.

Small purse with silk thread on linen made of queen's stitch only, green silk lining. Good example of queen's stitch. Inside is a silver clasp with the initials "HMC". Purse was made in England.

Housewife bag of grey green silk.

"Housewife" bag of rose taffeta, like D64.

"Housewife" bag, of pointed cotton print with dark brown background.

Lady's fancy bag. White, embroidered with violas in colored silks. Embroidered panel on each side, connected by puffed strip made by winding a pinch of material with thread. The initials "KM" are o...

Lady's fancy bag of brown canton crepe, lined with striped cream, tan and blue cotton with drawstring.

Purse with crewel-embroidered bird on the front with flowers on the back, with red border rim. Three pockets inside. Initials "SB" on top. Purse once belonged to a member of the Greene Family (tag ...

Purse made of silk thread on linen with Irish stitch, flame pattern is horizontal, various different silk linings. Made in New England.

Lady's fancy bag. White, embroidered with moss rose in colored silk. Contains table of Kings of England , ending with George III, 1760.

Medium shaped pocketbook, done in pink and olive green, with blue outside. Made in Newport with wool yarn (crewel on linen.)

Purse made of wool yarn (crewel) on linen with Irish stitch, worked in pinks, yellows, and blues, olive lining. Long shape. Made in New England

Irish stitch with a red lining, single pocket inside. Made in Newport with wool yarn (crewel) on linen.

Purse made of wool yarn (crewel) on linen with Irish stitch, pink flame pattern with blue also, green lining, pink binding. Made in New England.

Lady's Fancy Bag. White Linen bag with yellow embroidery. White Twill tape drawstring about 3/8" wide. Floral design, nearly balanced sprays growing from urn. Bag may be portion of larger piece.

Zip up purse with white, off-white and pewter colored beading arranged in a leaf and vine motif.

Tubular crocheted purse with pink, black, and metallic yarns and seed beed fringe at one end and a seed bead tassel on the other. The purse has two hammered sliding rings that serve as a closure fo...

Red crocheted purse with metallic beads throughout the body of the purse and metal bead fringe and tassel consisting of seed beads and narrow rectangular beads. The purse has two slideable metal ri...

Tubular crocheted brownish olive purse with a slideable metal ring and two faceted metallic beads at each end.

Small reddish colored crocheted bag with a braided yarn handle threaded through, the bottom of the purse has a small yarn tassel.

Small knitted magenta silk pitcher purse with fabric cover ring around the handle.

Beaded purse with drawstring with a floral pattern and a landscape at bottom. Silver beaded webbing fringe hanging from bottom.

Beaded drawstring purse with purple floral pattern. Beaded fringe hands from bottom of bag.

Red white and blue drawstring purse with beadwork.

Small mauve purse, knit fabric w/ white beaded design; kid lining; hinged silver frame w/ ring; ends of frame are in the shape of swans' heads; bottom of purse gathered into beaded sphere. Similiar...

Small brown purse, knit fabric w/ white beaded design; kid lining; hinged silver frame at opening; frame decorated w/ perforated hearts; bottom of purse gathered into beaded sphere. Very similar to...

Brown velvet purse, bottom portion appears to have been a draw string style bag; velvet is trimmed w/ tiny gold and silver beads and larger pearl beads arranged to form a floral design; bottom of t...

Small rectangular black beaded purse; kid lining; silver frame with raised floral design on one side; short chair handle. Beaded fringe on bottom.

Purse attaches to belt by a hook; purse is navy blue velvet with ornate silver frame; frame has relief figure of man with a dog, flowers, leaves & etchings. Back has central figure of apparent ...

Cloth clutch purse made of wool yarn (crewel) on linen with diamond design of various shades of pink, blue, green & gold; folds closed and tied with a pale green ribbon; 4 pockets. Belonged to ...

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