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Round deep dish redware plate: yellow wavy line design around edge and in the center. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house. Marked on the back with "TsanJoures, 1976, OSV."

White porcelain commemorative plate celebrating the centennial of Rogers High School in Newport, RI. Front of the plate has two borders of silver leaves and a crest in the middle with the school na...

Round white plate, fluted edge, gold rim, black decoration: Newport jazz festival, portraits of Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, stylized sketches of jazz musicians. Balfour logo on ...

01.88.1 A-E
after 1850

Five plates of soft paste porcelain with decoration of polychrome floral clusters with low relief molded vinescroll and gilded bands on rims. Part of a collection includes five plates, three platte...

3 porcelain plates, English Rockingham. Plates shell-shaped are white with bright colored, hand-painted flowers in the center. Cobalt blue and gold gilt pattern around the border. Part of a set, in...

circa 1820

Pewter plate with part of David Melville's seal and marks. On back of plate 'DE in Newp/ D: Mell', below this are four pewterers marks. The first is worn so badly that it can hardly be seen, the se...

1793 – 1796

Beaded edge plate. Marked "MEL" with several symbols.

White plate with blue border recovered during an excavation of an 18th century privy at the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House. Bottom is stamped "J.W."

01.86.8 A-O
1786 – 1800

Fifteen soft paste porcelain plates in puce with color polychrome floral decorations and gilded edges. Part of a set that includes 01.86.1-01.86.8.

Round pewter plate; ridge around edge on underside. Marked with 'Dorcas Barker'; 'Dec. 14th 1782' on front center.

Round pewter plate. Inscribed on front: "Dorcas Barker Dec. 14, 1782".

1776 – 1793

Beaded rim plate, soft edge. Marked "D:Mel" [struck twice] and several symbols.

Plate, Food
1776 – 1793

Pewter plate with beaded rim, casting marks on outer rim. Made in Newport, marked with a number of symbols and makers marks. Also "by D: Melvil/in Newp".

Four porcelain plates with polychrome bird and flower decoration; scalloped rim. Part of a set including: #74.2.1 and #74.2.5

1769 – 1776

Beaded edge plate- more of an incised line. Marked "J.O. BELCHER" [struck 3 times].

Polychrome plate; white background; blue and red flower design; green and yellow leaf design; decorative border; scalloped edge; brown, octagonal mount. Made of Dutch delft. Belonged to donor's gre...

Porcelain plate with rust and deep blue floral sprays; Imari type. In 4" section of inner rim of bowl are stylized symbols of the Chinese immortals.

White dinner plate with pink, orange, and blue flowers around the outside edge. Center of plate is decorated with floral design of white/pink flowers In black ink on the backside is inscribed the p...

Blue-white porcelain plate, blue overglaze design of bamboo, stairway, floral motifs. Brown glaze on rim. Supposedly brought from China by a member of Hadwen Family c. 1740, descended in Hadwen-Wil...

Round pewter plate; ridge around edge; 'H E I' engraved on front and a tag on back stating name and date of owner. Attached tag reads 'Lydia E. Holmes, born Newport 1683. Married 1706 to Samuel Rog...

Tin-glazed Earthenware ("delft") plate with light grey-blue glaze over which is an oriental landscape in darker blue.

Tin-glazed Earthenware plate with light grey-blue glaze over which is an oriental landscape in darker blue.

Earthenware plate with light blue-grey glaze; dark blue flower design in center; decorative bands around inner and outer rim.

High quality metal plate, hammered on back for strength. Casting marks on outer rim. Marked with the word "London" and several symbols. Plate is dented.

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