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An aerial photograph of Clarendon Court's grounds under construction. The entire property is stripped of a lawn and landscaping; dirt is mounded on slopes to the left and right, and in two areas a...

A photograph depicting constructuion at the grounds of Clarendon Court. Mounds of dirt can be seen throughout the photo; the land is flat at center, with two sloping hills at left and right. Two ...

An aerial view of Miramar (1914) and Clarendon Court (1904), both located on Bellevue Avenue. Miramar is located at top left; two other building on or near the property are seen towards the center....

July 29 1908

A color postcard depicting a porch and gardens at Clarendon Court ("Residence of Mr. E.C. Knight"), located on Bellevue Avenue. The porch has a brick floor and is filled with wicker furniture and p...

after 1907

A color postcard depicting the rear facade and backyard of Clarendon Court ("Residence of Mr. E.C. Knight"), located on Bellevue Avenue. Features include a porch covered by a scalloped awning and a...

after 1907

A color postcard depicting the entrance facade of Clarendon Court ("Residence of E.C. Knight"), located on Bellevue Avenue. An automobile is parked towards the left side of the driveway.

after 1907

A photographic postcard depicting the entrance gates and entrance facade of Clarendon Court, located on Bellevue Avenue.

Head is parian blonde hair with long sausage curls. Face has molded features, blue painted eyes. Body is stuffed cloth, parian arms and legs, flat brown boots. Doll is wearing knitted red, white an...

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