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Two tickets to the Swanhurst Chorus performance on Sunday, December 7, 2003 of "A Christmas Homecoming." It was performed at the First Presbyterian Church at 6 Everett Street. The admission price i...

December 4 1994

Swanhurst Chorus performance for "Carols of the Season" with Joan Ceo (harpist) and the Swanhurst Chamber Orchestra.

May 1994

Swanhurst Chorus performance poster for "The Historic French Presence in Newport." Poster features a large fleur de lis and swans.

May 5 1991

Swanhurst Chorus poster for a performance, "Mozart Requiem," for May 5, 1991. The performance was held at St. George's Chapel in Middletown.

January 5 1991

Swanhurst Chorus performance poster for a Twelfth Night Celebration featuring the Tale of the Firebird.

Concert Program
December 2 1990

Program for Swanhurst Chorus' performance, Christmas 1990. The cover is printed in red, featuring angels with horns hovering above a concert audience.

December 2 1990

Swanhurst Chorus performance poster for a Christmas Concert, Sunday December 2, 1990.

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