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Four architectural drawings on Mylar of 381 Gibbs Avenue, Newport, RI. Two of the drawing are reproductions of the original plans by Louis E. Murphy. The remaining two are updated to show changes t...

A picture of two men observing a sign. Posted on the board is an announcement of President Dwight D. Eisenhower Park dedication. 

A metal sidewalk plaque dating to the 1930s. Plaque is in the shape of a shield; seven stars are located across the top, while an eagle with spread wings is seen across the bottom. Center includes ...

circa 1930

Wooden doorframe with semi-circular fanlight on top. Remnants of green and white paint. Removed from Brick Market during 1992 restoration; this door frame was added during the Isham restoration in...

1901 – 1926

Pine board, part of sign that originally read "Croquet and Tennis" and hung on Brick Market during the time Daniel Sullivan had his store there. Sign now says only "croquet and ten." See p. 291 for...

Watercolor depicting the interior of Miss Ellen Townsend's home in Newport. 


Sword and Commissions presented by Congress of the United States by Resolutions of Jan. 6 1814, to William V. Taylor second in command at the Battle of Lake Erie and who died a Captain of the U. S....

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