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Pocket (bag)
circa 1800

Gray, rose and white plaid pocket. Back is plain white of homespun linen. To tie around the waist.

Pocket (bag)
1800 – 1825

Blue cotton pocket with white flower print. Backed with homespun linen. Missing one string tie. To tie around the waist.

Pocket (bag)
1800 – 1850

Single Pocket. White and brown printed cotton. White tie to go around waist.

01.180 AB
Pocket (bag)
1730 – 1780

Pear-shaped pockets with a braid along outer borders. Crewel embroidered flowers on front. Each pocket has a different floral design, "B" is more frayed than "A". Backing on both is deteriorating. ...

Pocket (bag)
18th century

Two pockets. Front is patchwork of plain white line squares and squares of brown with a floral print. Back of pockets are white linen. Cross stich initials AW on each pocket. To tie around the waist.

A pair of pockets made from an ivory unbalanced plain weave fabric, which appears to have woven stripes. Each pocket is handsewn, is connected by ivory tape at top edge, and has a vertical opening ...

Pocket: white cotton duckcloth pocket, with cotton tape for ting at waist (one tape missing). Hand stitched of two flat pieces seamed at outside edge, and reinforced with facing at opening. In the ...

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