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circa 1925

Model of Sailboat; "Peto". Single masted with no sails. Nautical American flag at stern. Cabin with 2 portholes towards bow. Painted green below waterline, white above. Model is on wooden block...

Scale Model
circa 1913

Exhibition model of sailboat Kirin. Black two-masted schooner has two booms for each mast. Hatch at the bow of ship. Cabin towards stem with six cabin skylights protruding above the deck. A silver ...

44.3.2 B
circa 1887

Exhibition model of the cutter, split mast; "Zigeuner." Black split-masted cutter with two booms. Two sets of cabin windows protruding onto deck. Two mahogany hatches: one at the bow and one bet...

44.3.2 A
circa 1881

Exhibition Boat Model of the cutter; "Kelpie". Black one-masted cutter with two booms, one hatch at bow and another leading onto the hole where the horseshoe-shaped seat is. Wooden tiller at stern...

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