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Blue and brown strip of plaid linen. 3 pieces - the yellow dye was probably saffron. Was used as part of a bed curtain. Ticketed "Spun and women previous to 1790."

circa 1790

Green silk calash with bow applied to the back and ruffle attached to the front. Interior lining is made of crinoline. An ruffle has also been attached where the bottom of the hat would meet the we...

circa 1790

Green silk calash similar to D241 with bow appliqued to the back. A ruffle of the same green silk fabric is sewn to the front opening of the calash. The interior lining is reinforced with crinoline...

circa 1790

A map indicating the proximity of Quaker communities to the Great Friends Meeting House in Newport, home of the New England Yearly Meeting at the time the map was created. The tentative date of the...

Waistcoat (garment)
circa 1790 – 1820

Embroidered men's waistcoat with mock pocket flaps; made of silk, lining and back of cream twilled wool homespun. Cream brocaded with silver and colored flowers. Floral embroidery throughout the bo...

circa 1790

Calash bonnet made of green silk. Similar to D239, but only 5 ribs. Badly faded. Remains of white china silk lining.

circa 1790

Calash bonnet in green silk. Bridle is missing.

circa 1790

Calash bonnet of green silk. 

circa 1790

Chippendale armchair belonging to Mr. William Ellery of Newport, Rhode Island. Built of mahogany from a plantation in Honduras. Hand embroidered by Mrs. Abigail Ellery and presented to their daught...

circa 1790

Small eyeglasses, oval lenses, "c" bridge, double-hinged temple bar. Outer section of temple bar ends in a crude circle. Sticker #40 on lens.

circa 1790

Small steel eyeglasses, oval lenses, "C" bridge; double hinged temple bars; outer section of temple bar ends in crude circle. "C 8" stamped on outside of right temple. "CAM" on left temple. CAM is ...

Wax dress-maker model. Head made of wax. Body is stuffed cloth. The limbs are cloth with black kid hands. Doll is wearing cotton gauze overdress, bonnet with pink bow. Doll was bought by Hon. Benja...

Large two-door mahogany wardrobe constructed of framed mahogany panels; four decorative, turned, cylinder-shaped hinges, each c. 12" long; "french scroll" feet, with molding that extends across ski...

Sweetmeat bowl that is beveled, scalloped and pointed edge, square foot, concave oval-shapes around bottom edge of bowl, diamond shapes above.

Six-sided foot sweetmeat glass, scalloped edge, pattern is 4 pointed star surrounded with cut diamond, concave circles beneath. Could be from Ireland.

Circular, scalloped foot with star pattern beneath; incised pattern scalloped and pointed around top edge, funnel-shaped bowl.

Miniature painting of Jane Deblois in three quarter pose. Blue eyes, brown hair, wearing white cap, tied with black ribbon, white scarf around neck, black dress. Black background.

Miniature painting of Stephen Deblois (1735-1805) with powdered hair, blue eyes, wearing white cravat tied around neck and dark brown jacket. Black background.

circa 1790

Staffordshire figurine of a woman carrying a bird on a square base with polychrome decoration.

circa 1790

Dark brown rectangular wood trap with 3/4 of the edges rounded. Metal features on top and side. Mousetrap as wood block with metal trappings. Found in cellar of Trinity Church, 1890.

A prox printed for the election of Benjamin Bourn to the U.S. House of Representatives, 1790. Text is surrounded by a geometric border. Handwritten note on reverse reads: "...Congress Augt. 31.1790...

White plate with blue border recovered during an excavation of an 18th century privy at the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House. Bottom is stamped "J.W."

French Revolutionary era allegorical image depicting Benjamin Franklin being brought to heaven as his death is mourned. The figure of Franklin is clearly still alive and an inscription on an obelis...

2003.4.2 AB
1790 – 1900

A=eyeglasses with tarnished metal frames and green-tinted lenses. Lenses are oval with a "C" bridge, turnpin temple bars end in a circle. Black eyeglass case made of leather and cardboard.

Bonnet (hat)
1790 – 1800

Natural straw bonnet with linen ribbon and gathered linen trim.

Rectangular shaped linen towel with loop at top of long end for hanging, hand spun and woven. Note found with item 'Spun And Woven About 1790 by The Misses Allen'. Found in house at 31 Mt. Vernon, ...

1790 – 1810

Rat-tail coin silver tablespoon, pointed bowl; bright-cut design around monogram: "CW". Marked with "Hutton" on back of spoon.

tall case clock
1790 – 1823

Scroll top, brass finials on fluted plinths, brass-mounted fluted columns. Beading and inlay on door; 3/4 brass-mounted fluted columns on sides of front; ball-type feet. White painted dial, small d...

71.4 A-F
1790 – 1810

Six mahogany shield-back side chairs in RI federal style; pierced splat with urn and drapery festoons contained in ovals supported by five incurvate bars with sunburst carved bases, serpentine over...

1790 – 1830

Small barrel-shaped cup with a flared lip. The initials "MVT" are engraved in script. Cup of Mary Vigneron Taylor (1744-1835), mother of captain William Vigneron Taylor, of Newport, RI.

1790 – 1820

Plain rectangle with heart carved at top.

1790 – 1795

Balch-style, flowered border, central panel with verse. Adam and Eve (popular in New England), house with many figures, yard with carriage. Verse reads, "With (love) she is queen ye American fair...

1790 – 1830

The half shell is brown and white. The silver lid has a scalloped edge along the shell. Box is egg shaped. 

Painting (visual work)
circa 1788 – 1810

Portrait of Reverend Walter Cranston. Light face and white shirt stand out against dark background; subject appears young.

Clock, Tall Case
1788 – 1834

Mahogany scroll top with carved fretwork, 3 brass finials on fluted plinths; brass-mounted, stop-fluted, columns on top. Three-quarter, brass-mounted stop-fluted, columns; door has molding and inla...

This volume contains the meeting minutes of the first and second African Union Societies. Though the first entry is dated January 6, 1796, the earliest entry within the volume is from January 24, 1...

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