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Bonnet (hat)
1845 – 1855

Bonnet of gray green silk. Shirred and ruffled ribbons. Characteristic, but not original.

Bonnet made of milan straw.

1836 – 1846

Cape for a dress. Small red and green figure on tan printed cotton.

Textile depicting underwater flora, seaweed, and coral. The textile features a pink, teal and brown roller print on a tan ground.

1800 – 1815

White fine long cotton gloves

1800 – 1850

Triangular white muslin kerchief with an embroidered floral and foliate spray in the point and trimmed with hand knotted fringe on two sides. Trim 1 3/8 in.

Pocket (bag)
1800 – 1825

Blue cotton pocket with white flower print. Backed with homespun linen. Missing one string tie. To tie around the waist.

Pocket (bag)
1800 – 1850

Single Pocket. White and brown printed cotton. White tie to go around waist.

Housewife bag of grey green silk.

"Housewife" bag of rose taffeta, like D64.

"Housewife" bag, of pointed cotton print with dark brown background.

Stays (corset)
18th century

Whalebone stays covered with green woolen material , bound with white kid. Lined with homespun linen, some with blue, white and natural stripes.

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