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Print, Photographic
December 27 1918

A photograph of six-year-old Alan T. Schumacher in front a black background. Schumacher is standing with the left side of his body towards the camera, his face looking at the camera, and his left h...

Photographic print
October 17 1918

Photographic print of President Theodore Roosevelt at the U.S. Naval Training Station, shaking hands with officers standing in a receiving line on the dock of the station marina. 

Print, Photographic
October 17 1918

A sepia tone photograph of former President Theodore Roosevelt (Colonel Theodore Roosevelt) meeting with Captain Edward H. Campbell, Commandant. The meeting took place on October 17, 1918 at the Na...

Military Uniform
October 15 1918

WWI female Yeoman uniform. Navy blue wool and black silk lining. 4 in. collar with 3 1/2 in. velvet stitched on top. Two large soutache braid toggles across breast. Metal snap on front opening 9 1/...

August 1 1918

Dated August 1, 1918, this postcard is addressed to a Mrs. Phillips from “M”. M thanks Mrs. Phillips for the gift of delicious jelly. The postcard was not sent from Japan, and was likely a souvenir...

circa 1918

This map shows the city of Newport with trolley lines and principal points of interest. 

Informational booklet produced for the Army and Navy Y.M.C.A. in Newport, circa 1918. Booklet includes text and black and white images describing the building and its facilities. Booklet ends with ...

circa 1918

A color postcard with a caption reading: 'WHARF-SHOWING CONSTELLATION AND U.S.S. BOXER, NEWPORT, R.I." On reverse is a note to Stella Broughton of Cranesville, Pennsylvania. Postmarked October 10, ...

Wooden, painted black on one side, unpainted on the other. Made of two pieces of wood, joined near arrow end. Used in Liberty Loan campaign in 1918 to indicate amount of money raised. Displayed ove...

01.87 AB
circa 1918

Two soft paste porcelain plates with a wavy outer rim and 1/16th inch gilded band; decorated at center and outer border with floral clusters; border also has low relief, clear glazed floral motif. ...

A photograph of a group gathered in a field watching two people running (possibly a race). From the Rhinelander Family papers.

A photograph of a man and a woman near a table surrounded by American flags and ropes. The table, decorated with bunting, is in the middle of a field with large trees. From the Rhinelander Family...

A photograph of a man and two women near a table surrounded by American flags. The table is in the middle of a field with large trees. From the Rhinelander Family papers.

A photograph of a woman, most likely Helen Cameron ("H.C.") at Silverbirch Hill in Woodstock, Vermont. Photograph taken by Mrs. Albert Arnold.

A photograph of an unidentified woman standing outside a house with a shingled roof and brick foundation. From the Rhinelander Family papers.

Photographic print of a group of costumed individuals posing in front of a painted backdrop at the Torpedo Station. The women are from the primer department of the station: (left to right) Catherin...

Square piece of green military uniform with four badges, nineteen buttons and one stripe. On note attached the green uniform piece 'these buttons and badges are from the uniforms worn by me while ...

Triangular shaped medal depicting head of a soldier facing left. Back reads 'Medaille Commemorative De La Campagne 1914-1918 Herinnerincs Medaille Van Den Velotocht'.

Circular medal on multicolored striped silk ribbon, front of medal depicts winged female figure with laurel wreath and bundle in hands and sword at waist. Back reads 'RF La Grande Guerre Pour La Ci...

Circular medal with bust of soldier facing left, he wears a helmet and carries a sword and bundle of leaves. Back of medal reads ' Republique Francais Grande Guerre 1914-1918. Medal on a red and wh...

Circular medal, front depicts a man head in profile to the left with the words 'Georgius V. Britt. Omn Rex Et Ind: Imp:'. Back of medal depicts a boat in a storm with the words 'For War Service Mer...

Two circular medals, front depicts a man's head facing left surrounded by the words 'Georgius V. Britt. Omn Rex Et Ind: Imp', Back of medal depicts nude male on horse over skull and crossbones, and...

Rectangular shaped blue leather case to hold military medals, two brass buttons at bottom, two flaps on sides that fold over inside case, interior of cotton and felt, bar with thirteen medals sewn ...

A photograph depicting a Liberty Loan Parade passing by City Hall, 1918.

A photograph of Mrs. Brady Harriman and Birdie Vanderbilt conversing at Bailey's Beach. Both are standing near striped umbrellas near a man in swimming attire.

A photograph of "Margaret," "Florence," Emilee Winslow, "Carlotta," "Natalie," Theodora Winslow, and "Harry." The group is seen leaning on a railing near the Bailey's Beach clubhouse.

Black and white photo of Price's Neck showing water and a house in the distance.

jacket (garment)
circa 1917 – 1925

A tan jacket (part of suit) made of dupioni silk (possibly a blend). Details include wide lapels with additional brown silk flaps (alternating rib and satin weave). This same fabric is used for cuf...

Print, Photographic
circa 1917 – 1918

A photograph depiciting the William K. Covell shop on Thames Street. "King" Covell is seen standing in the doorway (see note on reverse). A woman, possibly a nurse, stands behind a table inside t...

A tan dupioni silk belt or waistband that is part of a suit. Measures 1 3/4 " wide. Completely separate from the suit it matches, the belt has a bound buttonhole and a self-fabric button. Its fabri...

A tan dupioni silk skirt (possibly a blend) that is part of a suit. The skirt has an overall rectangular design, with small gathers at waist on one side and a flat waist on the other. Both sides ha...

1917 – 1918

Fragment of a submarine net. 4-pronged black steel object used as part of a submarine net. Consists of two cables overlapped and locked together with a bolted bracket. Does not resemble a conventio...

circa 1915 – 1930

A color postcard of Beacon Hill House; caption reads "RESIDENCE OF COMMODORE JAMES, NEWPORT, R.I." No marks or writing appear on reverse.

circa 1915 – 1928

A color postcard of St. Joseph's Church. Two reversed postmarks appear on the front. The number "108772" appears in the lower right corner. Ink handwriting appears on the reverse, with a reference ...

circa 1915 – 1930

Postcard of St. Augustin Church (labeled as "St. Augustine" in the caption), located on Eastnor Road in Newport. The number "34676" appears in the lower right corner. No writing or other marks appe...

circa 1915 – 1930

A color postcard with a white border depicting Marble House and its entrance drive. No writing is on reverse. Caption refers to the house as "MARBLE PALACE."

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