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Portrait of John Gidley, Jr. (1700-1744) in a three-quarter length portrait facing the right. His right hand is at his waist, while the left hand leans on an edge; dressed in a white blouse with fl...

circa 1750

Portrait of Mrs. Isaac Stelle, nee Penelope Goodson is sitting outdoors; full-length portrait facing right; her left arm is touching her face. While her right is resting on her thigh holding a smal...

circa 1750

Full length portrait of Capatin Isaac Stelle (1714-1763). Facing left, standing with his right hand tucked inside his jacket at his waist and his left hand is perched on his hip. He is wearing a wh...

Account book
1746 – 1749

An account book detailing transactions associated with merchant John Banister (1707-1767), September 1746-December 1749. Some highlights include Banister's exporting of Narragansett Pacers to the W...

Bust portrait of Reverend Nathaniel Clapp. White shirt with black vestment; bust is oval. Inscription beneath oval reads, attributed to Robert Feke.

Portrait of John Gidley Sr. (1886-1718). Three-quarter length portrait; standing facing front wearing a white blouse with hanging collar and a maroon-brown jacket; also has a gold-orange wrap aroun...

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