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1875 – 1925

Indigo blue and white plaid kerchief or handkerchief. Made of homespun linen. 22.5 square inches. Marked in cross stitch "A.A."

1875 – 1925

Tan cross bar check and border, homespun linen kerchief or handkerchief. Hand colored by mosses and indigo.

1875 – 1925

Tan cross bar, check and border at 2 ends. Homespun linen. 23 square inches.

1875 – 1925

Square shawl of gray beige silk with a striped border woven into the material in white (or a lighter shade of the gray beige). Two sides are selvedge and the other two are hemmed.

1800 – 1850

Triangular white muslin kerchief with an embroidered floral and foliate spray in the point and trimmed with hand knotted fringe on two sides. Trim 1 3/8 in.

Quaker handkerchief made of fine muslin with woven border, five narrow stripes with raw edges.

Fine muslin kerchief, woven border, five narrow stripes along edges. Possibly Quaker.

White muslin kerchief with embroidered edges of flowers and dots.

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