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Ladies' open-faced watch, ornamental case and sides are engraved with a flowing vine-like pattern. The center of the case contains a blank shield. Time is stopped at 1:26.

Silver pocket watch, cross-hatched design w/ stylized design on front center; white face roman numerals; inscribed "Edmund Taylor/ Gould Island/ Xmas '82". Made by the A.W. Company, Waltham, MA.

Gold watch with case covers on either side. To expose the face of the watch press down on the crown. Watch face is a white background with simple, black Roman numerals. Opposite the back case cover...

Case: Deep purple in color. Rectangular in shape. The inside of the lid has a cream colored lining while the bottom part of it is also lined in purple with an indentation for the watch. 

Front has design of Black Hills gold with face at bottom, with very faint gold roman numerals. Hands point to 3:15. Glass bubble has rim of Black Hills gold and amethyst (?) Stones, pops open. Ring...

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