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Curved oval silver frame shoe buckles with bead-like ornament, twi-tined fork bears a heart-shaped motif.

96.15 AB
Buckle, Shoe
1750 – 1799

Pair of shoe buckles with rectangular silver frames with cast filigree decoration, rosette at each corner added in separate operation; two-tined steel fork and toothed loop each attached separately...

Two oval, metal buckles with tines. One buckle is missing a tine.

Rectangular shoe buckles, small round pieces of metal make up the design with six strips of metal seperating the sections.

Two matching buckles in batwing-shaped plate with 3-tined buckle on back. Floral engraving on front. Pin holds a pivoting, curved bar which bears two chains of 2 long links and a pear-shaped loop a...

Narrow, sterling silver slide type buckle with stylized leaf pattern around rim. Plain center bar.

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