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before 1916

A photograph depicting George H. Richardson, a long-time member of the staff of the Newport Historical Society. Richardson is pictured wearing a pinstripe suit with waitcoat and bow tie; he is most...

Photograph of a group gathered at the laying of a cornerstone at the Newport Historical Society, 1915. The cornerstone reflects the addition of a central wing to other Society buildings, including...

1750 – 1775

Portrait of Captain Elnathan Hammond. Bust-length portrait, subject faces to right; white wig; round grey eyes, lips turned downward; wearing red jacket showing three big buttons; window in backgr...

circa 1690

Embroidered linen panel with multicolored thistle and leaves pattern on front, bound on edges with tape. Back has vestiges of one baleen stay; one is missing. Entire back piece is reinforced by row...

Miniature memorial watercolor on oval-shaped ivory, smaller than frame. Woman dressed in high-waisted brown dress stands to the right of a tomb bearing inscription: "I mourn thy virtues lost to me." 

A copy of a photograph of the Old Stone Mill, manipulated to appear as though a man is posed above the Mill. The man is out of scale with other figures in the photograph and is shown with arms cros...

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