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Waistcoat (garment)
circa 1900 – 1950

Cream colored Faille waistcoat. Two welt pockets on each side, for a total of four pockets. Four self-covered buttons down the front. Plain weave, coarser fabric on back. Lined with very tightly wo...

Double breasted, navy wool waistcoat with three pockets, two on PL, one on PR. Lined in lighter brown cambric and backed in dark brown cambric. Back cinch has metal buckle "Patent 1856." Large pock...

circa 1850

Black brocade satin sleeveless waistcoat. Seven black buttons. Back of coat is brown. Interior of white linen.

circa 1835

Black satin padded front, sleeveless, brown buckle back. Shawl collar, three pockets, seven buttons.

circa 1830

Cream colored cashmere, or fine twilled wool, waistcoat. Whitish clear buttons down front, two pockets and one breast pocket, buckles in back, pleated back.

1826 – 1850

Black satin front. Brown linen back with buckle. Six small black buttons on lower front, three pockets.

1820 – 1840

Yellow sleeveless waistcoat with six bronze round buttons, three pockets.

circa 1815

Red sleeveless waistcoat lined with white homespun wool. Backed with madder-color brushed homespun wool. High collar, nine round flat plain brass buttons.

Cream colored pique waistcoat with three pockets, a shawl collar, and three buttons at the center front. Two pockets on the PR breast, one on the PL left. Shawl collar 2 5/8 in. wide.The back panel...

Navy blue collarless wool vest with four welt pockets and five center front buttons. Two welt pockets on each breast. Lined with a faded light blue and cream striped cotton. Interior welt pocket on...

White satin vest. Six satin buttons on each side. Piece of silk in left pocket. Double-breasted, high neck. Back of vest is cotton with three sets of ties.

1793 – 1815

White linen embroidered in gold thread, short waist, high collar.

Waistcoat (garment)
circa 1790 – 1820

Embroidered men's waistcoat with mock pocket flaps; made of silk, lining and back of cream twilled wool homespun. Cream brocaded with silver and colored flowers. Floral embroidery throughout the bo...

Men's waistcoat

Men's waistcoat

Men's waistcoat

Double breasted deep cream color sleeveless waistcoat, two pockets, twenty-five buttons down front.

White sleeveless waistcoat with embroidered flowers, leaves and geometric designs in white. Right side is longer than the left side which is severely ragged. Two pockets.

White cotton twill waistcoat with embroidered front. Arms are missing, lined with linen.

PL front of a double breasted, cream-colored waistcoat. 8 buttonholes. Handstitched. Selvage at bottom hem an pocket welt. Remnants of original sewing thread at what was once a side seam. 

PR front of a double breasted, cream-colored waistcoat. 8 buttonholes. Handstitched. Selvage at bottom hem an pocket welt. Remnants of original sewing thread at what was once a side seam. One self-...

Mans' black wool waistcoat with black velvet collar, red wool pattern sewn on to ends of collar, red wool cuffs, geometric design of gold braid on arms, blue sash with tassles hanging from right sh...

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