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November 21 1899

Deed entitled "Abstract of the Title of the Premises of the Devisees of Maria L. Travers deceased to a parcel of land on the corner of Narragansett Avenue, Ochre Point Avenue and Webster Street in ...

September 1899

Round cardboard tag with cord. Printed on one side is a picture of a horse in the center with legend around outside rim: "Newport Horse Show/Incorporated 1898" on back: "Newport Historical Society,...

A photograph depiciting City Hall (the Brick Market) decorated for an Election Day celebration, May 20, 1899. Four large portraits are seen around a large portrait of George Washington (one inclu...

circa 1899

Doll's head is bisque with skintone, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with six teeth, pierced ears, strawberry blond human hair. The body is made from jointed composition. The clothes are faded blue sat...

Print, Photographic
circa 1899 – 1927

A photograph of Lippitt's Castle (also called Breakwater) located on Ledge Road. Architectural and landscape features include crenellated towers and a large stone wall bordered by a picket fence. ...

Print, Photographic
circa 1899 – 1927

A photograph of Lippitt's Castle, Ledge Road (also known as "Breakwater"). Coastal rocks are visible at foreground; a large stone wall surrounds the house, which is comprised of several crenellate...

A black and white photograph of John Stedman Ward as a young boy, c. 1899. Stedman wears a sailor suit with short breeches; he is posed on a low sculptural wall and a fur-like mat.

1899 – 1900

A children's book entitled "The Daisy: Or, Cautionary Stories in Verse", written by Mrs. Elizabeth Turner. Book was originally printed by J. Harris and Crosby and Co., London, 1807; this particular...

A color postcard depicting the ocean facade of The Breakers. Flowers and shrubs are visible at foreground. A caption below image reads: " 'The Breakers,' Newport, Rhode Island./6208. Copyright, 18...

Short silver bookmark; dagger shape w/ daisy-type flower at top; red silk cord tassel; inscribed 'A.F.H Xmas '99'.

A photograph that features two large, single mast sailboats moving through the water. Each boat contains many people on board. There is a steamship in the distance to the right of the sailboats and...

A negative of two men playing golf at the Newport Country Club. Hammersmith Farm is visible in the background at center. Negative is from an original print by Henry O. Havemeyer.

A photograph (mounted on board) depicting the failure of Shamrock's topmast during the 1899 America's Cup Defense. Caption reads: "DEFENDER'S MISHAP, TOPMAST BACKSTAY CARRIED AWAY." Other boats c...

A photograph of Bailey's Beach looking south. The beach's clubhouse and cabanas are visible at left and center, while a rack of bicycles is visible at foreground.

A miniature carte-de-visite depicting Reverend and Mrs. G.G. Merrill.

1898 – 1901

A postcard depicting Old Stone Mill and Channing Monument, Touro Park. A gazebo is visible in the background. Caption on image reads: "OLD MILL/(NEWPORT)/From Photo by A.F. BRADLEY./THE H.A. ROST...

1898 – 1901

Hollow stalk with cut-out classical figures; gilded, molded relief decorations. Marked with "Wedgewood" and a diamond shaped symbol. Ref. "chats on old earthenware", Arthur Hayden; inside front...

1895 – 1905

Brown, watered grosgrain silk skirt. Trim is stitched bias bands.

D366 AB
1895 – 1905

Black chantilly lace evening dress, trimmed with velvet ribbons, beads, pailletts, jet.

1895 – 1964

Log book listing dates, names, and amounts paid by various guests of Pinard Cottages 1895-1907, one page from 1964; also newspaper clipping with article on Pinard Cottages.

1895 – 1900

Doll made of composition shoulder plate, white wool wig, hand painted face. The body is cloth stuffed with sawdust. The clothes are flowered silk skirt with rose velvet overskirt, black lace bodic...

1895 – 1900

Souvenir mug; white ceramic mug with transfer design of Old Stone Mill and gold floral embellishment. Made in Germany for Whitfield Tuck Dry Goods Co., Newport. Maker's mark on bottom: T shield and...

A photograph taken on the grounds of The Breakers (1895). A children's playhouse at left is bordered by a walkway with small trees; the main house is visible in the background at right. Image was p...

1894 – 1903

Soft drink type, clear, embossed on one side, inside pressed circle, embossed number on bottom. Pressed embossed circle on front: 'D.W. Sheehan/ Bottler/ Newport, R.I.'. Under this: 'Registered'. E...

1894 – 1906

Champagne type, dark green bottle with letters on front. On front 'P. Faerber/ Newport/ R.I.'

1894 – 1906

Soft drink type, blue tinted bottle with embossed letters on front. On front embossed letters: 'P/ Faerber/ Newport, R.I./ Registered"

A photograph of a carriage driving down Ocean Avenue, west of Bailey's Beach. Several houses are visible in the distance, including Belcourt (far left), Beachholm, and Seaweed.

Miniature of Avis Robinson (1893-1965) profile, right side of face. Woman with short, dark, brown hair, white dress. Background is lilac and cream. Inscribed on back of frame, "Avis W. Robinson 189...

A matted photograph of a group of U.S. Navy personnel, most likely aboard the U.S.S. Tennessee (see hat bands). Reverse of photograph reads: "Seaman Gunner's Class/Joseph N. Stanley C.P.O.".

1892 – 1937

Ledger of watchmaker and jeweler, Otto L. Ruecker. Also included is other information including detailed weather reports for 1928 - 1929. Cover has detached from binding. A letter from Emilie Rueck...

Dish, Eating
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain heart shaped dish of scalloped and gadrooned sides; clear glaze outside; yellowish-cream glaze inside.

Pitcher, Cream
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain colorless creamer of pink Tridacna; swelling sides; top edge gently bends inward. Part of a set including: #59.1.1, #59.1.2, and #59.1.3. From Fermanagh, Ireland.

Bowl, Sugar
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain colorless sugar bowl of pink Tridacna; swelling sides; top edge gently bends inward. Part of a set including: #59.1.1, #59.1.2, and #59.1.3. From Fermanagh, Ireland.

1891 – 1959

Teapot and cover of Basket or Tridacna shell design; edges and handles decorated in pink; spout decorated in pink relief vinelike decoration. Part of a set that includes: #59.1.1, #59.1.2, and #59....

Green velvet hat with gold netting and filgree around the edge. Pearl and jewel accents in the trim with a large white feather on the back. Inside tag states, '26. Place Vendome/Ancienne Maison/Pau...

pump (shoes)
circa 1890 – 1920

Pair of satin and brocade pumps with a brocade bow. Front part of shoe is covered in a pale blue-green satin; mid-section to heel is covered in a brown and blue floral brocade. Shoe has a three-inc...

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