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before 1894

Piece of roof slate with 1 3/4" hole made by a hailstone in a storm on July 14, 1894; small hole to accommodate nail. Marked "10" on the underside. (Hail) "stones were 8" in circumerence and weighe...

A transparency depicting Eolus, a steamship that provided service between Wickford, Rhode Island and Newport. Ship is most likely pictured in Newport Harbor.

A photograph depicting Eolus, a steamship that provided service between Wickford, Rhode Island and Newport. Outbuildings at Fort Adams are visible in the background.

Lithograph Plate
September 20 1894

Brass plate of the Catherine Fowler coat-of-arms. Shield contains fourteen repetitive designs and an owl in an upper corner.

circa 1894

Large rolled map that shows proposed Polo grounds and drainage schemes. The map is color coded to show the different types of proposed ditches. Drawn by J.P. Cotton, stamped with "Wm. H. Lawton Jr."

circa 1894

This map shows the suburban deliveries of the Newport Daily News in 1894. It is folded up in a small booklet. Compiled by the Newport Daily News.

A black and white photograph of a building crew posing at the construction site of the Newport Country Club clubhouse (1894). The builders are shown seated and standing amidst barrels, planks, sc...

Photograph of the old Colony House, after the windows of the building had been badly damaged by the hail storm of July 14, 1894. 

An inside look of the Priscilla (1894), a side-wheel steamboat for the Fall River Line. This view of the Priscilla is of the forward saloon gallery, looking towards port side. 

Silver coin awarded in 1894 to George T. Douglas by the Newport Horticultural Society. Coin shows the Old Stone Mill on front with words "Newport Horticultural Society Organized Jan 1890" around pe...

1894 – 1903

Soft drink type, clear, embossed on one side, inside pressed circle, embossed number on bottom. Pressed embossed circle on front: 'D.W. Sheehan/ Bottler/ Newport, R.I.'. Under this: 'Registered'. E...

1894 – 1906

Champagne type, dark green bottle with letters on front. On front 'P. Faerber/ Newport/ R.I.'

1894 – 1906

Soft drink type, blue tinted bottle with embossed letters on front. On front embossed letters: 'P/ Faerber/ Newport, R.I./ Registered"

View of ocean rolling onto shore; two sailboats seen in distance; sun breaking through grey clouds.

A photograph of a carriage driving down Ocean Avenue, west of Bailey's Beach. Several houses are visible in the distance, including Belcourt (far left), Beachholm, and Seaweed.

Miniature of Avis Robinson (1893-1965) profile, right side of face. Woman with short, dark, brown hair, white dress. Background is lilac and cream. Inscribed on back of frame, "Avis W. Robinson 189...

A matted photograph of a group of U.S. Navy personnel, most likely aboard the U.S.S. Tennessee (see hat bands). Reverse of photograph reads: "Seaman Gunner's Class/Joseph N. Stanley C.P.O.".

1892 – 1937

Ledger of watchmaker and jeweler, Otto L. Ruecker. Also included is other information including detailed weather reports for 1928 - 1929. Cover has detached from binding. A letter from Emilie Rueck...

Dish, Eating
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain heart shaped dish of scalloped and gadrooned sides; clear glaze outside; yellowish-cream glaze inside.

Pitcher, Cream
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain colorless creamer of pink Tridacna; swelling sides; top edge gently bends inward. Part of a set including: #59.1.1, #59.1.2, and #59.1.3. From Fermanagh, Ireland.

Bowl, Sugar
1891 – 1959

Irish porcelain colorless sugar bowl of pink Tridacna; swelling sides; top edge gently bends inward. Part of a set including: #59.1.1, #59.1.2, and #59.1.3. From Fermanagh, Ireland.

1891 – 1959

Teapot and cover of Basket or Tridacna shell design; edges and handles decorated in pink; spout decorated in pink relief vinelike decoration. Part of a set that includes: #59.1.1, #59.1.2, and #59....

Green velvet hat with gold netting and filgree around the edge. Pearl and jewel accents in the trim with a large white feather on the back. Inside tag states, '26. Place Vendome/Ancienne Maison/Pau...

pump (shoes)
circa 1890 – 1920

Pair of satin and brocade pumps with a brocade bow. Front part of shoe is covered in a pale blue-green satin; mid-section to heel is covered in a brown and blue floral brocade. Shoe has a three-inc...


Cream colored bodice with square neckline. The front is lace with silk that is draped over it in the center with two bows. Sleeves and back are silk. Sleeves have lace trim. Bows on each side befor...

Candid snapshot of Virginia Fair (Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.) bathing at Bailey's Beach.

Print, Photographic
circa 1890 – 1939

A black and white photograph of Hugh L. Willoughby seated at a desk. The photograph is torn in two pieces from top to bottom.

Shipping box for bonnet D411A. Natural color, made from wood. Has trademark of J. Chanvinfuen, Emballeus Expediteurs and of WB Crockler, Boston, MA.

A photograph depicting Rosyln (built between 1890-1891), Beacon Hill Road. Image was taken by Clarence Stanhope (d. 1923); road at foreground is bordered by a stone wall, gate, and shrubs. A carria...

Green and black brocade two piece brocade dress. Dress is said to have been owned by Miss. Edith Wetmore (1870-1966), daughter of Governor Wetmore.

A picture of J.K. Sullivan's yacht while in harbor. 

A picture of Zara, a yacht owned by A. Edward Tower, in Brenton Cove.

Sheer muslin skirt decorated with lace inserts, two parallel inserts run from waist to hem and perpendicular to front horizontal inserts. Inserts a sombenation of soutache and bobbin lace.

Shirt, Dress
1890 – 1920

Heavily starched and folded shirt, pinned behind neck to keep folded. Wide pleated front placket with a total of 15 pleats. Narrow button stand with three buttons and holes. Narrow band collar with...

Shirt, Dress
1890 – 1920

White cotton shirt with wide pleated placket front. Total of 14 pleats across chest. Narrow button stand with three buttons and corresponding holes. Narrow band collar with two buttonholes for stud...

Shirt, Dress
1890 – 1920

Pressed and folded white shirt with long placket front. Two buttonholes on each side of placket opening for studs. Band collar with buttonholes at throat and a wooden stud, and buttonhole for a det...

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