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May 15 1890


Undated glass plate negative of the Fall River Line steamboat "The Pilgrim." The photograph shows the liner moored at Long Wharf. Goat Island Lighthouse is visible in the background. 

Undated photograph album of Newport scenes, including Bellevue Avenue, Thames Street, the New York Yacht Club Station no. 6, the Old Stone Mill, Newport harbor, Hanging Rock, Trinity Church, and po...

Undated photographic print of Mill Street, just below the corner of Division Street. A man in a bowler hat is standing outside 70 Mill street, adjacent to a horse drawn carriage. 

Undated photographic print of the All Saints Chapel on Cottage Street. Image is captured from the street, showing the unpaved road, and the chapel behind a fence and trees. 

Photographic print of Bellevue Avenue, showing a portion of the Travers Block. The street is unpaved, and some cobblestones are visible near the sidewalk. Horse drawn carriages can be seen in the d...

Photographic print of an unidentified rocket-shaped object, possibly a torpedo, stacked on wooden pallets in a yard. Several men are visible in the background, posing with the object. 

Undated photograph of a carriage, positioned on the sidewalk in front of a building with a sign that reads "Automobile Repairing". 

Photographic print the north side of Washington Square. Image depicts the Newport National Bank building. 

A copy photograph showing Mill Street, looking down towards Thames Street. On the left, at 75 Mill Street, there is a sign advertising J.D. Johnston's building and wood turning business. Adjacent t...

Photograph of several houses along White Street, specifically, 18 White Street. Cobblestones are visible on the side of the street. A man on a ladder can be seen working on a house in the distance. 

Photographic print of Parade Corner on Washington Square. The image shows men and women crossing a cobblestone street. Coggeshall's Market is visible in the background. Several horse drawn carriage...

circa 1890

This is a map of the New England coast, showing boat routes and important sites on the coastline. This is a facsimile of a map in the P.R.O. in London.

circa 1890

This is a map of the plan for Memorial Boulevard. It was designed to resemble Commonwealth Avenue in Boston for Governor Wetmore. Compiled by William Lawton.

Green velvet hat with gold netting and filgree around the edge. Pearl and jewel accents in the trim with a large white feather on the back. Inside tag states, '26. Place Vendome/Ancienne Maison/Pau...

Small silver creamer with handle and spout. It has a simple border design around top lip and middle. Bottom is stamped "PLYMOUTH/ 03 300/SILVER SOLDERED/ 1/4 PTS." In the center of the bottom is th...

circa 1890

Small silver teapot with extended handle and spout, attached lid. Simple border decoration around bottom and under top of lid. Engraved "Providence" on bottom above Rogers Bros stamp. Rectangular s...

circa 1890

This stone was likely purchased as a souvenir in the modern city of Pompei, Naples. 

circa 1890

Fan with painted bull fighting scene, a matador jumping to avoid a charging bull. Spectators watch the action from stands in the distance.

circa 1890

Head: Bisque shoulder head, stationery brown glass eyes, open mouth with four teeth, painted eyebrows and eyelashes, blond human hair wig. Marked with "6 1/2" Body: cloth, kid hands with separated...

46.2.1 AB
circa 1890

Solid black skirt (B) and bodice (A). Black tassels on the bottom of skirt and bodice. Skirt has large pockets with bows on right side. Back would have been puffed out. Bodice has large pleated cuf...

Brown ink on white paper. One hundred certificates entitled the holder to an album. These include: 'Fifty Fish from American Waters' and 'Birds of The Tropics'.

Blue ink on white paper. One hundred of the certificates will get you a genuine Meerschaum cigarette holder in leather case lined with plush and satin or their album illustrating the homes and show...

circa 1890

Blue ink on white paper. One hundred of these tickets gets you the 'Washington Album' or any other album the company published.

circa 1890

Red ticket with black text. 'Sporting Extra Cigarettes'. Sending in a certain number of coupons allowed you to chose an article out of their catalog.

2000.28.5.1 is green ink on white paper. 2000.28.5.2 is pink ink on white paper. Fifty coupons returned entitled the holder to one one-color copy of the latest Paris Salon paintings. One hundred co...

The person who sent in the most of these coupons by April, July, October 1889 and January 1890 could have received $100. These coupons entitled people to cash or albums.

Black and white certificate of coupons. One hundred of these certificates entitled the sender to one of the companies 32 page albums containing the portraits and lives of the heroes of the Civil Wa...

Brown and white tickets. One hundred of them entitled the holder to the album 'Our Navy', 'Birds Of The Tropics' or 'Game Birds Of America'.

circa 1890

Blue text, white background. One hundred of these tickets sent in entitled the holder to one of the albums named on the ticket. The name of the albums are unknown due to the fact the ticket has bee...

Tobacco Card, front has two images, one is of NY Herald editor, James Gordon Bennett. The other is of the obelisk, Central Park, NY.

Card from the 'Habitations of Man' series of 25 pictures depicting the dwelling places of the human family. This card is of the 'American Cottage Home'

Front of card is a photograph of a man named 'Gladstone' he is an older man with sideburns, little hair on top of head, wears shirt collar up with a bow tie, jacket, he is posed slightly to the lef...

Card with three scenes. Two creases in card where scenes fold. Scene on left is the R.I. Coat of Arms and the Narragansett Rocks. Middle image is of Governor Davis. Image on right side of card is s...

Back of card is black , front of card is a photograph of a young girl sitting sideways in a chair. Underneath the girl are the words 'Little Rhody Cut Plug'

pump (shoes)
circa 1890 – 1920

Pair of satin and brocade pumps with a brocade bow. Front part of shoe is covered in a pale blue-green satin; mid-section to heel is covered in a brown and blue floral brocade. Shoe has a three-inc...

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