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A black and white photograph of the re-building of Clingstone.

Print, Photographic
August 14 1964

A photograph of British yachts Sovereign and Kurrewa V rounding the finish line during the 1964 America's Cup trials. Vessel at left is the British trawler Froniga. Photo taken for the Rhode Isla...

Photographic print of an unidentified group of men receiving trophies at the Newport Casino for a tennis tournament. 

Photographic print Richard Sheffield (right) with two nurses and an unidentified individual at the Newport Hospital on Broadway. 

A photograph of the Bellevue Shopping Center in 1964, formerly the site of Stone Villa. At center, a man is crouched next to a tree which is about to be cut down. Branches and limbs are piled aro...

This map shows and describes the colonial buildings throughout Newport. Engraved by K. Fitzgerald and compiled by H. Reed. Distributed by The Preservation Society of Newport County.

Membership card belonging to Mrs Townsend Phillips certifying her as an active member of the American Friends of Lafayette until January 1, 1965, signed by the Secretary, Janet B. Macintire. The ca...

A photograph of upper Levin Street, north side. Note on reverse indicates that Vernon's Furniture Company was located on the site pictured (facing adjacent John Street). Automobiles are parked at c...

A black and white photograph depicting a U.S. naval facility building on Goat Island. The building, labeled "FAMILY THEATRE," is made of wood covered with large, rectangular shingles. Several par...

A black and white photograph depiciting the exterior of a naval facility (Building 96) on Goat Island. During World Wars I and II, Goat Island served as the location of the U.S. Naval Torpedo Stat...

Color photograph of a boy, wearing a graduation gown and mortarboard hat. He is standing in a garden. 

circa 1960 – 1991

Scrapbook possibly compiled by Elaine Lorillard. Items were not adhered to the pages, but interleaved between. Items were removed from the scrapbook and cataloged separately. The scrapbook was disp...

Print, Photographic
circa 1950 – 2000

An aerial photograph depicting Hopedene (built 1899-1902) and its grounds. The house is comprised of dormers, balustrades, a brick exterior, square and arched windows with shutters, and a half-circ...

1950 – 1999

Fourty brass Mt. Hope bridge tokens wrapped in a white paper roll. One side of token reads 'one fare passenger car or motorcycle'. The other side of token reads 'Mt. Hope Bridge Division', an ancho...

1950 – 1980

Many pencils, imprinted with names of various Newport businesses. Distributed as advertising by merchants in the city. Also one from Coggeshall family reunion 1982, and some campaign give-aways.

Lot of negatives and photographs of "Housing Authority." Collection remains unprocessed.

Color photograph of the stern of a ferry, taken by a passenger on a nearby boat. Most likely taken in Newport Harbor.

Color photograph of the stern of a ferry, taken by a passenger on a nearby boat. Most likely taken in Newport Harbor.

Color photograph of a ferry, possibly from another boat. Most likely taken in Newport Harbor.

Family photo album and srcapbook of Locket Ford Ballard Sjr., The photographs and newspaper clippings contained range from 1945 to 1970, and relate to the wider Ballard Family. A selection includes...

Family photo album and scrapbook of Locket Ford Ballard, Jr. The photographs range from 1945 to 1966 and represent the accomplishments of his father, Locket Ford Ballard Sr. and family life of a yo...

Color photograph of Washington Square, including the Bank of Newport Building (center). Photograph was taken from the Square, where flowers surround a pool (fountain). Automobiles are parked towa...

1930 – 1970

Matchbook covers (number unclear).

1930 – 1970

45 envelopes of negatives, each titled with subject of images: Paul Sousa and Marion Covell Virginia Covell, Robert Covell (separately and together) Virginia Covell (1950s) (single portraits) Ruth ...

Newpaper clippings related to the 1924-1925 Rogers High School Basketball Team, including their 1957 Reunion.

Name Plate
1920 – 1966

Name plate for a door -- curvy rectangular metal frame with two screw holes. Rectangular plate with white background and blue letters reading "J.S. DEBLOIS." 

1907 – 1968

White helmet. Blue circle with red and white striped triangle inside, two smaller black triangles above (not inside blue circle). Number 221 painted on the inside rim of the helmet. Belonged to Nes...

20th century

Beer stein featuring images of three landmarks of Newport, RI: Forty Steps, The Old Stone Mill, and the Breakers. The background of the stein is almond with each image raised and accented with brow...

A profile of Trinity Churh, looking eastward down Church Street. 

A group of pedestrians overlook firemen extingushing flames on the top story of a building on Broadway. 

A side-view of the Francis Malbone house located on #392 Thames Street, located near Brewer Street.

An overlook of the city of Newport, taken from Calvert School on Broadway looking southwest. 

Man decends from the One Mile Corner trolley on Broadway.

Suited men overlook a group of workers tending to railroad lines on Broadway from Rhode Island Avenue, circa early 20th century. 

20th century

Pewter souvenir teaspoon with an imprint of the Elms on the top of the handle. Newport, RI is written on the handle with a engraving of a Egyptian man on the bowl of the spoon. The back of the spoo...

20th century

Pewter souvenir teaspoon with an imprint of the Breakers on the top of the handle. Newport, RI is written on the handle with a engraving of a three acorns on the bowl of the spoon. The back of the ...

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