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A navy blue wool U.S. Navy flat hat, probably owned by Alfred Bryan. Inside of hat has a leather sweatband, a black lining, and a brown diamond-shaped patch sewn to the crown. A label with the numb...

Cap (headgear)
before 1843

White infant's cap of very fine cotton. Fancy woven stripe. Drawstring at face and behind ears.

White mesh Dutch Volendam cap, heavily starched. Made from machine lace.

Cap (headgear)
1845 – 1850

Quaker Cap, sheer, very thin tie around chin.

White embroidered linen infant's cap.

Infant's cap made of white embroidered India muslin

Raised embroidered infant's cap, little dots with border design and flowers. On top is a circle with flower in it. Lacy net trim. Ties from front. Ties attached have a little bow on each side.

Cotton infant's cap with leafy kind of embroidery. Embroidery around edge is made of net material. Big design in center of back of cap - floral leaf design, tiny eyelet design throughout cap.

Infant's cap in white embroidered linen. Both cut and needlework characteristic of first quarter century.

Cap (headgear)
1830 – 1840

White, embroidered India muslin. Cut like D116, but larger in size and more embroidery. Might fit adult.

Infant's cap with eyelet design with floral embroidery. Flowers made of net material. Floral design in center of back of cap. Worked by Esther M. Thurston Pitman for her daughter Harriet E. Pitman ...

Cap (headgear)
1800 – 1850

Small white baby's cap with strings at nap of neck and forehead. Embroidered flowers with eyelets in middle. Eyelets as leaves and embroidered squares.

Child's Cap, fine cotton dimity with fine cotton ruffle around edges. Insertion of embroidered net at top of cap.

Cap (headgear)
1800 – 1850

Embroidered net cap with leaves and tiny star-like pattern throughout cap. Cap comes to a point, two little strings in back. May be a lady's cap.

Cap (headgear)
1800 – 1850

Embroidered net infant's cap. Two large embroidered flowers with leaves radiating from the flower. Strings at top and back of cap.

Cap (headgear)
1775 – 1799

White linen infant's cap. Narrow ruffle, very fine material cap is very small.

Cap (headgear)
circa 1770

White cap of fine muslin. Has yellowed over time. Narrow ruffle around face and under chin. Edged with narrow tuck and hem stitching.

Cap (headgear)
18th century

Baby's plain white linen cap, simply stitched, not fitted at the back of the head. Similar to D137.

Cap (headgear)
18th century

Infant's cap in white homespun linen

Small cap made of gauze-like fabric. Three 1 1/4 in. tiers of lightly gathered material run parallel to one another around the circumference of the cap. Seam understood to be the center back.

An ivory lace cap with three pink and green silk rosettes. Cap has a lace band with floral figures; an ivory silk ribbon runs through the band and is tied at one side. Edge of cap is embroidered wi...

A light brown military cap with a black bill, piping around crown, and two rows of ivory braiding. Metal insignia screwed to front includes two crossed rifles and the letters "PHG." Inside of hat h...

Chinese black silk cap with red knotted knot on top.

Infant's cap of white fine embroidered net. Pattern is small roses with lace-stitch center. 3 tucks. Drawstring in front.

Ladies Night Cap, cross-bar dimity, white cap with ruffled edges. Cross-bar dimity strings.

Ladies Cap, white cotton. Two graduated ruffles 5"-6" deep overlapping one another at bottom of cap.

Probably a man's nightcap. Plain white cotton, simply stitched. Same as D125

Plain white cotton infant's cap. Two drawstrings at top of cap, one at nap of neck. Strings that would tie under chin are missing.

White infant's cap with cross-bar dimity; double ruffle around the face.

Cotton infant's cap with tiny eyelets all over it. Three lines on front of cap. In center there is an embroidered. Flower with points like a star bordering it. Strings in front of cap.

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