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circa 1895

Cloak in purple broadcloth trimmed with balck broadcloth. Lined with white silk. "Worn at horseshow in Madison Square Garden in the gay nineties."

Cape (outwear)
circa 1885

Shoulder cape in black velvet trimmed with beads, braid and chiffon. Beads are synthetic and may be made from gutta-percha or ebonite. Made by Worth, Paris.

Black gabardine mantle. Fringe, bias silk bands, lace.

Black taffeta mantle trimmed with velvet ribbon and fringe. "Called mantilla."

D424 B
circa 1840

Short brown silk cape, no buttons or hooks. Trimmed with two bands of brown silk. Possibly Quaker.

Black cape with silk lining, black silk sashes at neck, applied ribbing at sleeves and shoulders and hem. Two tapered frontal elements. Six buttons with loop closures.

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