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before 1846

Pencil sketch of Newport's town crier, John Allen. Man is using crutches and ringing a bell. Allen died June 6, 1846 at the age of 67.

circa 1849

This is a road map of Aquidneck Island showing all of the main roads in Newport, Middletown and Portsmouth. There is an inset map of the streets of Newport including important sites. Map was compil...

circa 1849

This is a black and white photocopy of a road map of Newport. It has a key of different colors that indicate mineral deposits around the island. Includes an inset map of the streets in downtown New...

circa 1849

Daguerreotype mounted in metal frame of George Crandall. Likely captured before Crandall departed Newport for California aboard the Audley Clarke on Feb. 15, 1849.

Copy made in 1849 of a plot map from 1720. Depicts Elm St through Marsh St.

Photograph of design drawings depicting the front and rear elevations of the Daniel Parish House (later Beechwood), as well as a floor plan. The designs are credited to "Downing & Vaux, Archit...

1848 – 1898

Brass skeleton room key attached by S-hook to brass tag, stamped "Ocean/House/Newport R. I./ 13". Stamped on reverse of tag: "John Robbins/Boston".

Teaspoon, handles oval-shaped with leaf and scroll around monogram, "CMM". Marked with Palmer & Bachelders/Patent date 1846. One of a set of 12 teaspoons: numbers 97.22.24 - 97.22.35.

Advertising leaflet for the Charles E. Hammett, Jr. bookstore, Thames Street. Rectangular illustration at top center depicts a pile of books surrounded by an arch with the text: "WIE DIE ARBEIT SO ...

circa 1845

Gray/brown lightly quilted silk bonnet. Lined with light blue silk. Silk ribbons the same color as the lining act as lappets, up to 26 1/2 in. long. 4 in. long bavolet. Small, blue silk bow attache...

Miniature of Stanton Peckham (1814-1869). Profile of young man with reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, wearing dark blue jacket, white shirt with dark blue at throat. Oval-shaped gold-toned frame. Stan...

Portrait of Sarah Peters Bowker; she would later become Mrs. Richard Bliss. Half length portrait, subject faces right, subject is a young girl with blue eyes and short brown hair, wears a pink dres...

Photograph of the "Gov. Bradford," the first locomotive to run on Aquidneck Island. It was loaded on a vessel of the Fall River Line, arried to bristol Ferry and then drawn by oxen from the Wharf t...

pipe bowl
1845 – 1875

A white pipe bowl marked with TD. Stem is missing.

pipe bowl
1845 – 1875

Beige/natural color marked with "G.F.Y." enclosed in a laurel wreath. The laurel motif exists around the lip of the bowl as well.

Cap (headgear)
1845 – 1850

Quaker Cap, sheer, very thin tie around chin.

1845 – 1860

Peg wooden doll with a wooden head and painted black hair with grey border in front, painted eyebrows, painted blue eyes with black pupils, pointed nose. Body and limbs are made of wood with hing...

1845 – 1860

Head is made of papier-mache, black painted molded hair, black eyes with white highlights. The body is kid with wooden legs, spoon hands. Doll is wearing a silk gauze dress, cotton petticoat, pan...

1845 – 1860

Head is papier-mache with molded and painted hair, braided around ears, braided bun in back, pained pupil-less eyes, formed face. Body is made of cloth (replacement). The limbs are cloth with bla...

Screen Print
June 25 1844

Copy of a speech by Governor Dorr arguing why he should not be sentenced. The speech is printed in black ink on white silk.

Two alphabet sequences, two number sequences in top section. Next section is signed: "Martha C. Mumford aged 10 Years Jan 19th 1844." Next section a verse with church at bottom right corner. Next s...

Screen Print
circa 1844

A piece of plain weave pink silk printed with a speech given by Rhode Island Governor Thomas W. Dorr, 1844. Print is titled: "SPEECH/OF/GOV. DORR/In answer to the question by the Court, why Sen-/te...

Wooden toy side chair painted with brown varnish with a yellow stripe around seat, down back slats and across back rails. Made for Mrs. John O. Peckham (Matilda Allen) by her great-grandfather Thos...

Wooden toy armchair painted with brown varnish and a yellow stripe around seat, down back slats and across back rails. Label on bottom of seat reads: 'Made for Mrs. John O. Peckham (Matilda Allen) ...

circa 1844

Picture depicts steamboat in black ink, "Election!" "The Steamer 'Iolas', w/Capt. B.F. Woolsey, will leave providence for Newport, on Monday afternoon, may 6 at 3 o'clock, and leave Newport at 5 1/...

Receipt to Audley Clarke for assessment on pew. Reads:
"To the United Congregational Society, Dr.
To assessment on PEW No. 38 in Spring-street Church, for
one Quarter, commencing ...

'Speech of Governor Dorr in answer to the question to the court, why sentence should not be pronounced against him', dated Tuesday, June 25th, 1844. Printed in black on white silk. Printer is hard ...

Lithograph of the exterior of the first Ocean House with people and horses outside. Bottom section of the lithograph describes the building, a few of the things mentioned are: 300 ft. of continuous...

A booklet entitled "Official Register of the Officers and Cadets of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York./June, 1843." Cover is signed "OHP Taylor. Aug. 2nd 1843". Register lists West Po...

A copy of "The New England Primer" printed by the Massachussets Sabbath School Society, 1843. Includes Christian religious texts such as the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer, an alphabet, ill...

An 1843 "City Convention" election ticket, Rhode Island. Lists candidates for senator and representatives. An illustration depicting the state motto ("HOPE") and an anchor surrounded by waves is lo...

An 1843 prox listing candidates for Rhode Island governor, lieutentant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and general treasurer (Law and Order Party). An illustration depicting the sta...

Promissory note signed by Audley Clarke for payment to the Whaling Insurance Company on insurance policy covering Ship Coggeshall.

Half-length portrait of an unknown female child. Subject sits in maroon chair and faces forward.  She has brown hair (pulled back) and brown eyes; hands are folded and resting on lap. Subject ...

March 21 1842

A letter written by Thomas Dorr in Providence to Dutee Pearce in Newport at the time of the Dorr Rebellion. Dorr refers to a statewide vote to accept or reject "..the Tory Constitution"; he details...

Print of Galvin's Garden, Newport

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