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A Republican Party prox listing candidates for Rhode Island governor, lieutentant governor, senate, secretary, attorney general, and general treasurer, 1819.

Soft cover book, "The Young Florists Companion". Handmade book cover is marked, "Catherine Williams, Bridgewater."

A mourning picture in tribute to the memory of Oliver H. Perry, died 08/23/1819. Transfer print made of silk in satin weave. Could have been made in the second half of the 19th century.

Two samplers stitched together, three alphabet sequences, 1st alphabet sequence each letter done twice, names and verse on bottom. Mary Adeline Grooker, age 7, and Sarah Ann Grooker, age 5. Note: m...

Book of engravings entitled, "Newport and its Environs, Illustrated by a Series of Views."

Sampler made by Hannah Corning Aged 8 years in 1818. Sampler features three alphabet sequences and numbers.

Oil painting on canvas in gilt frame; view from top of Washington Square or "The Parade"; brick market is pictured at the bottom of the square; 2 groups of "promenaders" walking on street.

Sampler (embroidery)
October 11 1817

Four alphabet sequences, one number sequence, vine and flower border with some embroidered stitches. Stitches: cross, eyelet, satin, green. Probably made in Newport, RI.

August 26 1817

Receipt for payment of two dollars from Town of Richmond to William James for salt pork delivered to Gene Moat by order of Joshua Potter.

August 26 1817

Receipt for payment of 10 dollars from Town of Richmond to William James for attending the General Assembly in Newport for May and June sessions in 1817.

Pale pink damask girl's belt. The damask features a daisy motif.

One alphabet sequence, one number sequence, federal-style stitches: cross, one eylet stitch. Made in Newport, RI Verse reads, "Elizabeth Gates was born February the 16 1809 and made this in the nin...

Bust-length portrait of Mrs. Simon Newton, subject turned to the right; brown eyes, short black hair which curls at ends; black dress trimmed with white lace around neckline. Also wearing a white s...

circa 1815

Red sleeveless waistcoat lined with white homespun wool. Backed with madder-color brushed homespun wool. High collar, nine round flat plain brass buttons.

circa 1815

Surface of the rectangular whale bone is etched in black ink with figures of a bird on a branch, a sheaf of wheat, a peacock, a flower, a man embracing a woman, rear view of a woman with a basket b...

circa 1815

White rectangle with heart at top, geometric designs, separate panels of music and lyre, clover and beehive, tree and house, initials "LAB", a tree, clover and a star. Notes from Stuart Frank's vis...

Map of the United States. State borders worked in polychrome chenille, other decorations with water color and ink. Ann Mann was the fourth cousin of Sarah Cookson (Scott) DeBlois (c. 1794-1835), ne...

True copy of a deposition by William Coddington concerning the purchase of Aquidneck Island. Original document dated September 27, 1677, true copy for Book No. 2 of Land Evidences in Rhode Island d...

Drawing of a cow in a blue paper album with forty-eight watercolors of views of Newport. 

A bound collection of watercolor landscape sketches. There is a detailed description of scenes 1-40 but none after that. Each scene uses muted colors and simple forms. Clouds and water appear hazy,...

Rectangular piece of dark wood, paper label on one side, a two-dimensional eagle on the other side. The eagle has a bundle of arrows in his left claw and a branch in his right claw, a shield rests ...

Small hand-made bobbin, very thin tortoise shell, lyre-shaped, lower end has two gold-lined perforations. Attached tag reads. "Shell Bobbin made for Mrs. William S. Nicholes by John Earle Williams,...

Ship's log
July 31 – September 27 1813

Log for Oliver Hazard Perry's flagship, USS Lawrence. Cover is made of a burlap-like fabric.

Fabric with colored sprig on cream ground. Fancy weave silk with brocaded sprig. Piece of wedding dress of Frances, daughter of Martha and Gardiner Thurston, upon marrying Job E. Woodman in 1813.

This volume contains the meeting minutes and dealings of the African Humane Society (AHS), previously known as the African Union Society. The first discernibly dated entry is January 3, 1812, with ...

Small booklet bound with cotton thread. Printed almanac for year 1812 for New England. Booklet had been bound with new cover bearing the title, "Almanack, R.I. 1812. 

Oval bust portrait of Damaris Chase Allen (1859-1904) and Samuel Allen (1858-1901) as children, son and daughter of Samuel Allen (1829-1905) and Clarica Simons Allen (d. 1904). Left child has brown...

Five alphabet sequences, one number sequence, "Extract", crude floral border. Stitches: cross and tent. Made with silk thread on linen. See: Bolton & Coe, p. 134.

Sampler (embroidery)
September 30 1811

Three alphabet sequences, very long, thin for period, done all in cross stitch. Made by Mary Goddard (b. 11/7/1803) Probably in Newport, RI.

Miniature portrait of Thomas Hornsby (1765-1857). Three quarter profile, facing right; brown hair, brown eyes, yellow jacket, white vest, shirt with tie at neck.

Porringer with engraved initials in script on handle: "JMB". "NICHOLS" enclosed in a square on handle and bottom.

Republican Party ticket listing candidates for "Representatives to the Twelfth [U.S.] Congress." Text is surrounded by a geometric border with flowers.

Grey-tint, blown glass pinch bottle. Walls pinched together to form five tubes, one at center, one at each corner, short cylindrical neck, square flat bottom with pontil mark.

80.3.30 AB
Spoon, Salt
1810 – 1830

Coffin handled small salt spoons. The bowl is oval, the handle is a twisted design. Engraved initials "EW" (in script) referring to Elizabeth Gladding White.

Three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, initials " MWC" at bottom. Made with silk thread on linen.

This volume contains the meeting minutes of the African Benevolent Society from 1807 to 1824. The opening entry, dated December 21, 1807, is a copy of the organization’s constitution that outlines ...

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