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A retreat order written for the Continental Army during the Battle of Rhode Island, August 28, 1778. Signed by Adjutant General William Pecke. Remains of a red seal are located at left edge of pape...

circa 1778

This is a copy of a reproduction of a map showing the southern part of Rhode Island, split into four sections. It was drawn by French surveyors. The top of the map reads "Carte des positions occupe...

Men's waistcoat

Men's waistcoat

Men's waistcoat

Fragment of a flag in an envelope. Envelope reads, "Piece of the flag carried by Col. Christopher Greene's regiment (colored) at the battle of Rhode Island. August 29 1778 from Hon. D.W. Lyman Oct....

Paper currency denoting sixty Spanish-milled dollars ("Continental Currency"). The note is supported by "a Resolution passed by Congress at Philadelphia, Sept. 26th, 1778." Note has a printed borde...

Chart of Rhode Island harbor and Narragansett Bay also shows notes, references. "chart of the Harbour of Rhode Island and Narragansett Bay surveyed in pursuance of directions from the lords of the ...

Plan of Valley Forge
circa 1777 – 1778

Drawn on paper, this is a plan for the encampment of the Continental Army under General George Washington at Valley Forge, where they sheltered and trained between December 1777 and June 1778. This...

Thirty dollar bill of Continental Currency, dated 1777. Top and bottom borders read, "The United Colonies" and the body text reads, "Thirty Dollars. This BILL entitles the Bearer to receive THIRTY ...

Pair of white silk shoes with 3" heels, pointed toes, overlapping instep straps. Buckles or ornaments for the straps are missing. Paper found with shoes reads, "Slippers worn by Sarah Olney, wife o...

Map of Newport shows layout of Newport and Goat Island with wharves and streets. Black frame. Surveyed by Charles Blaskowitz; engraved and published by William Faden, Charing Cross, Sept. 1, 1777.

A printed document ordering military personnel to allow people to travel between Conanicut Island and Newport for the purposes of commerce. Document was produced during the occupation of Newport by...

Order signed by British General Henry Clinton, assigning a "sauve garde" (guard) to John Manchester and his property. Order is written in both English and German and is sealed twice with red wax.
April 24 1776

'A Plan of The Town of Newport in the Province of Rhode island' includes 14 wharves, 21 public buildings and 52 streets. The scale if of 4000 feet. Plan encased in plain wood frame,

paper money
February 17 1776

A one-sixth of a dollar banknote, dating from 1776. Printed text reads: "According to a Resolution of Congress, passed at Philadelphia, February 17, 1776." A detailed border, as well as a sundial w...

circa 1776

A cream-colored square tablecloth with a diaper weave (diamond pattern), belonging to Rebecca Waterman. Two edges are finished with 1/4 inch seams, while two edges are the selvage of the cloth. A s...

Gun, Swivel
circa 1776

Swivel gun is shaped like a small canon; dented and corroded. Mounted on painted green wood. Old British swivel gun was taken from the wreck of one of the British ships which, at the time of the R...

A 1776 list of candidates for Rhode Island political offices, including governor, deputy governor, assistants, secretary, attorney general, and general treasurer. Title at top of list reads: "For t...

One pair of discolored cotton knitted stockings. Decorative knitted stitch up back resembles seam.

paper money
September 1 1775

A one-eighth of a dollar banknote from Rhode Island, dating to 1775. Note is numbered and signed by hand, and has printed text throughout. A border with scrollwork and birds, as well as an anchor e...

circa 1775

Desk once belonging to Senator Francis Malbone (March 20, 1759 – June 4, 1809).

Brown Quaker girl's dress with coarse linen lining. Yellowed fine muslin ruffles at neck and cuffs. Tan 1/4 in. trim around neck. Relatively large (3/4 in. deep) cartridge pleats on waist of skirt....

88.3.2 AB
Shoes (footwear)
circa 1775 – 1785

Pair of ladies white silk shoes; silk is plain white; pointed toes, overlapping instep straps, buckles missing, linen interior. Belonged to Mrs. John Handy.

1775 – 1825

White seersucker or dimity cloak, trimmed with finer dimity ruffles. Has a hood and a deep ruffled collar.

Man's breeches in tan made from jersey cloth, cotton, with ribbed back. Made and worn by James Gould, who was a tailor. His business established in 1763, died in 1812.

Brown or cream infant's jacket. Heavy cotton, painted in conventional floral design. Cut like D95, but a size smaller.

Infant's jacket with red and floral design on cream ground. Made from heavy cotton, lined with finer linen. Cotton is printed or painted.

1775 – 1825

Natural, unbleached homespun linen. Simple bodice, small cut at lower back of bodice. Wardrobe: Third floor E, Drawer: A

1775 – 1825

Woman's working dress or short gown. Indigo blue and white stripes, made from homespun linen. Low neck, long sleeves, sht. peplum. Swatch of similiar material among Wilbour samples. Wardrobe: 3rd F...

White linen shirt, fine linen ruffles on sleeves, gussets, triangular shaped flaps on front and back of shirt. Belonged to "Wilbour family Little Compton, RI".

Dress (garment)
1775 – 1799

White and lavender striped dress. V-neck with sash around neck. Cuffs are pleated and fan out around the arm. Free pleats in front of bodice; 3 graduated pink ruffles at elbow. Back of dress; pleat...

Lady's fancy bag of brown canton crepe, lined with striped cream, tan and blue cotton with drawstring.

Small tapering tweezers with ivory hinge.

Four porcelain plates with polychrome bird and flower decoration; scalloped rim. Part of a set including: #74.2.1 and #74.2.5

Miniature portrait of Edward Arnold Tayer (1774-1848). Brown eyes, powdered hair, white shirt with tie at neck, black vest, brown jacket, stippled blue background. He elimninated Arnold from his na...

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