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Log, Ship's
September 13 1815

List of items on US frigate Tara (?) Dated September 13, 1815 (barely legible). Signed by Oliver Hazard Perry. Black tape frame.

circa 1815

Part of a yellow and brown collar of printed cotton

circa 1815

Red sleeveless waistcoat lined with white homespun wool. Backed with madder-color brushed homespun wool. High collar, nine round flat plain brass buttons.

circa 1815

Front of rectangular piece of whale bone is engraved with a temple-like building, windmills, a basket with a pineapple, a spouting whale, birds and an anchor, and two sailing ships. Notes from St...

circa 1815

Surface of the rectangular whale bone is etched in black ink with figures of a bird on a branch, a sheaf of wheat, a peacock, a flower, a man embracing a woman, rear view of a woman with a basket b...

circa 1815

Engraving is done in four colors: red, green, brown and gold. Scallop design around trees, colonial house, basket of flowers, entwined hearts, a cross and a bell. Notes from Stuart Frank's visit ...

circa 1815

White rectangle with heart at top, geometric designs, separate panels of music and lyre, clover and beehive, tree and house, initials "LAB", a tree, clover and a star. Notes from Stuart Frank's vis...

circa 1815

White rectangle with geometric design made of dots joined with lines. Notes from Stuart Frank's visit November 4, 2009: Panbone; possibly engraved at two different times (border and design).

Cross stitch border, three alphabet sequences, 1-5 number sequence. Many types of stitches. Probably made in Newport by either Anne Handy or Anne Andy. Made of linen thread on linen.

circa 1815

Printed handkerchief with a geographical view of all the post towns in the United States of America, grapes, acorns, flowers, and images of past Presidents on border. Mileage table in center. Made ...

Banjo Clock
circa 1815

Banjo clock with white, painted face, with roman numerals in black, brass trimming around face, brass arms and finial. Gold leaf motif on waist. Glass door has reverse painting of two sailing ships...

Map of the United States. State borders worked in polychrome chenille, other decorations with water color and ink. Ann Mann was the fourth cousin of Sarah Cookson (Scott) DeBlois (c. 1794-1835), ne...

D354 B
1815 – 1820

Shell pink china crepe belt. Embroidered floral design in same material and color.

1815 – 1840

India muslin embroidered with pointed scallops and vine pattern with small french knots.

1815 – 1825

Mahogany rectangular drop-leaf table; each leaf is scalloped with rounded corners; four straight tapered legs; one drawer with bran knob and cock beading. Probably made in Newport, RI.

Sign, Traffic
1815 – 1873

Toll road sign from Smith Street, Providence. Gives rates of toll for a variety of horse-drawn vehicles and for animals. Sign is wood, painted grey with raised black lettering, framed with molding ...

Fork, Eating
1814 – 1817

Heavy fork, center tines slightly longer than side tines. Monogram is probably "HC" but could be "FCC". "B Gardiner" and symbols described on catalogue worksheet. One of a set of 3 forks: 97.22.6,...

This volume contains the meeting minutes and dealings of the African Humane Society (AHS), previously known as the African Union Society. The first discernibly dated entry is January 3, 1812, with ...

Oval bust portrait of Damaris Chase Allen (1859-1904) and Samuel Allen (1858-1901) as children, son and daughter of Samuel Allen (1829-1905) and Clarica Simons Allen (d. 1904). Left child has brown...

1810 – 1875

Cylindrical-shaped with pebbled surface.

Grey-tint, blown glass pinch bottle. Walls pinched together to form five tubes, one at center, one at each corner, short cylindrical neck, square flat bottom with pontil mark.

80.3.31 AB
Spoon, Salt
1810 – 1830

Two flat-handled salt spoons with an oval bowl. Engraved initials "AT" (in script) referring to Abigail White Taylor (1786-1869). Both spoons are marked "Nichols" enclosed in a rectangle.

80.3.30 AB
Spoon, Salt
1810 – 1830

Coffin handled small salt spoons. The bowl is oval, the handle is a twisted design. Engraved initials "EW" (in script) referring to Elizabeth Gladding White.

1810 – 1850

Tea pot with empire-style, gadrooned body and lid, ivory finial.

Spoon, Eating
1810 – 1840

Spoon with fiddle-back handle with engraved initials "CT". "NICHOLS" and "WSN" enclosed in individual rectangles.

1810 – 1830

Teaspoon with engraved initial: "C" on handle; coffin-end handle. "Nichols" enclosed in a rectangle on handle.

1810 – 1830

Thistle leaves and flowers engraved at each end, center contains a fort and lighthouse. Stuart Frank' 11/04/2009: Panbone; lighthouse and castle may be identified; not American or a place that whal...

1810 – 1875

Five geometric designs and a tree etched on rectangular-shaped whale bone.

1810 – 1820

Intricate "saw-tooth" design of flowers, squirrels, birds, hearts, and rosettes.

1810 – 1820

Rectangular shaped piece of baleen, inscribed with a parot, a lyre, and a vase of flowers, has five panels.

1809 – 1819

Small serving spoon with coffin-end handle with engraved initials "EW" (in script). Belonged to Elizabeth Gladding White. Marked with "I.A. SHAW" in a wavy rectangle.

This volume contains the meeting minutes of the African Benevolent Society from 1807 to 1824. The opening entry, dated December 21, 1807, is a copy of the organization’s constitution that outlines ...

1804 – 1924

Metal ramrod with puffy top from the Constitution, USN 1804-1924

1802 – 1819

Tablespoon with engraved initials: "ASD" is script on handle. "I.A. SHAW" enclosed in a wavy line on handle. Belonged to Aaron Fisher Dyer.

Block, Hat
circa 1800 – 1860

Bonnet block with painted face and clothing, block has an oblong head which towards the back is covered in kid leather which is cushioned towards the back of the block's head.

Block, Hat
circa 1800 – 1860

Bonnet block carved from a solid piece of wood. The rear of the block is carved into an oblong cranial shape and the front of the block is cut in to a flat surface.

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