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A blue, yellow, and green printed silk scarf made to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Newport Reading Room. At center is a sketch-like image of the Reading Room; each corner...

Unhemmed scarf: blue photographic prints of Newport views on white sateen; title: "Souvenir of Newport Rhode Island". Commemorates reunion of Newport Artillery, Richmond Light Infantry Blues, and F...

A blue scarf with white stars used in an Uncle Sam-type costume during the 1892 election for U.S. President. Most likely made of cotton, the scarf is comprised of four squares which are machine-sti...

Pale yellow scarf with fringe edges. Scarf is decorated with emobroidered leaves and flowers in a matching yellow.

Purple scarf with diagonal edge on two sides. Diagonal edges have a matching purple fringe.

A scarf with an ivory net ground and small floral embroidery. Scarf is bordered by an embroidered design consisting of small ovals and an irregular serpentine pattern.

An ivory lace scarf with floral embroidery on a net ground (appears to be tambour lace). Embroidery design consists of a serpentine vine-like border around the scarf's perimeter with flowers and vi...

A pink and white striped knitted scarf, made by Harriet Wilbour. Stripes are 1/4" wide. Pink and white tassels attached to two edges. Could alternately be a child's blanket.

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