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Flat rectangular hinged silver change purse with chain handle; spring loaded holders for nickels and dimes; snap catch; raised floral design on lid.

after 1900

Flat rectangular bag, zipper closure; corners tapered on zipper edge. White beaded background with floral design in shades of brown, some bugle beads; beaded clutch handle. "Made in Czechoslovakia"...

95.30.136 A-D
after 1900

4 Quaker dolls: corn husk women seated on grey wooden chairs. A-B-C: have faded green dresses. D: has faded pink dress. C: has come loose from chair. Chairs are well made, may have been 1920's doll...

95.30.136 E-G
after 1900

3 Quaker dolls: corn husk men seated on grey wooden chairs. Faded black suits with waistcoast and bowties. Chairs are well made, may have been 1920's doll house furniture repainted for "quaker scen...

Mint green calash with green velvet tie. Tan inner lining with ribing visible.

Painted ceramic hatpin holder. On the bottom of holder painted green and gold. The top half has painted purple and orange flowers against a blue and white sky. The top is a light green and gold. On...

White ceramic hatpin holder brightly painted with Japanese figures in a landscape with houses and bridges. One large hole on top of holder surrounded by twelve smaller holes. Two Japanese character...

Small rectangular black beaded purse; kid lining; silver frame with raised floral design on one side; short chair handle. Beaded fringe on bottom.

Metal button hook with tapered flat tortoise shell handle, probably synthetic.

White ironstone tumbler; fluted sides; black magenta; gold floral decoration. Part of a 3 piece man's shaving set. [may have been used to store straight razor.] See: 95.30.133 and 95.30.134.

White ironstone shaving mug; fluted sides; black, magenta, gold, floral decoration. Part of a 3 piece man's shaving set. See 95.30.133 and 95.30.135.

A: round white ironstone bowl; fluted sides; black floral decoration on outside rim. B: domed white ironstone lid; black magenta, gold floral decoration; raised rectangular handle. C: perforated ...

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