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A photograph depicting an interior at Stone Villa. Objects in the room include a central table covered in books, an upholstered chair, a mantlepiece with fire screen, paintings, a bookcase, a stuf...

A photograph depicting the exterior of Touro Synagogue, located on Touro Street. Photograph taken from the corner of Division Street.

Home on Church Street, formerly Brenton House. A woman, Miss Rebecca Hunter, stands in the doorway. Streetlamp is visible in the foreground. 

A carte-de-visite depicting Tamy Taylor. Ms. Taylor wears a pillbox-style hat, long earrings, and a hair net.

A carte-de-visite depicting Charlie Hunter, 1867.

A carte-de-visite depicting Charlie Hunter, 1867. Hunter wears a double-breasted coat with a light-colored skirt and stockings. He also wears a straw hat with a ribbon, and holds a small basket. ...

A carte-de-visite depicting William R. Hunter as a boy, 1867.

A stereograph depicting a group of men and boys posed in front of a brick building covered in ivy. See notes for names of subjects.

A carte-de-visite depicting C.L. Harris. Mr. Harris wears a white collar and a coat with high lapels (possibly a sack coat).

A carte-de-visite depicting Theodore Wheaton King in a Civil War uniform. According to the reverse, King was "mortally wounded" in the Battle of Bull Run at Manassas. He wears a tall hat with fol...

A carte-de-visite depicting William Hunter in 1861. Hunter wears a long coat, a waistcoat with chain, a bow tie, and trousers. He carries a cane and a hat.

circa 1850 – 1900

A carte-de-visite depicting John Taylor "in Mr. Hunter's court dress [which]...he wore in Brazil" (according to the reverse). Taylor wears what appear to be 18th-century style garments, including a...

Stereograph card of the interior of the Kay Chapel at 94 Kay Street. 

Undated stereograph of the Thomas Cushing house on Bellevue Ave. The stereograph was produced by J. A. Williams. 

A photograph depicting a house at 20 Catherine Street ("Dr. Rank's House") and the Fillmore House hotel.

Clarke Street, reverse states "copy from stereo by JA Williams - Clark (sic) St #114 - see stereo box all numbered."

Sepia toned portrait believed to be George Henry Calvert.

E.D. Boyt's house, near the Spouting Rock.

House on Bellevue Avenue, unidentified.

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