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Sampler commemorating Rhode Island's tercentennial. Shows various buildings in Newport: Colony House in center, Brick Market in lower left corner, Redwood Library in lower right corner -- all surro...

Two alphabet sequences, one number sequence, on penelope canvas, unfinished. made with silk thread on linen.

Large format, three alphabet sequences, embroidered, flowers border. Stitches: cross and whip. Made by Mehitable E.G..

Two alphabet sequences, two number sequences in top section. Next section is signed: "Martha C. Mumford aged 10 Years Jan 19th 1844." Next section a verse with church at bottom right corner. Next s...

One border, church with a cemetery in front, two trees, flowers, two female figures, two angels. Stitches: tent and cross. Verse reads, "To the memory of Mary Ingham daughter of Abraham and Mary In...

Sampler (embroidery)
1838 – 1868

Calendar with male and female figures, animals, boats, plants, and various dates. Calendar can be understood by reading the numbers under the first letter of the month for every month September thr...

Four cross stitched alphabet sequences, one number sequence, cross stitch border, large, square done in pale pastel colors. Sampler is made with silk thread on linen. Made by Cynthia Maria Coggesha...

Long format, framed, three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, one border on top. House with flowers and birds in center. Signature, flowers and animal figure, one verse. Verse reads, "To Him ...

Three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, large floral border, two scenic panels, house with yard, three baskets of flowers, one verse. Stitches used: cross and embroidery. Made with silk thre...

Horizontal format, central eight line verse, floral border (light blue). Completed by Mary E. Forbes at age 11. Silk thread on linen.

House in center, embroidered flowers and trees, three alphabet sequences, pastel colors. Large format. Verse reads, "Beauty's a fading flower" Stitches used include cross and whip. Signature: marke...

White and tan sampler, featuring 3 different versions of the alphabet. On third line from the bottom it says "Lorna Woodbury."

Long format, five alphabet sequences, two number sequences, one verse, mounting strings remain. Stitches used: cross and queen. Verse reads, "No radiant pearl which crested fortune wears no gem tha...

Four alphabet sequences, stylized border. Stitches used: cross, queen, Irish. Made with silk thread on linen. Sampler reads, "Susan Jane Robinson born March 12th 1818 aged 10 Yrs 1828."

Two samplers framed together, six alphabet sequences, two number sequences, flowers along right hand side. Completed by Sarah Allan at age 7 (1819-1968), Elizabeth Allan at age 8 (1818-1830), daugh...

Four alphabet sequences, two number sequences, one verse. Incomplete queen stitch border. Stitches: cross and queen. Made in Newport, RI. See: Bolton & Coe, p. 159.

Four alphabet sequences, house and trees, one border. Made of silk thread on linen.

Two cross stitched alphabet sequences, good color, one border. Signed with the initials, M.A.G.

On top three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, one border. Signature, date, and flowers on bottom. Stitches used: rococo, eyelet, cross, whip. Some embroidered flowers. Probably made in Newp...

Two alphabet sequences, one number sequence, house flanked by trees, one border. Verse: "May I be guided by the ways of truth …of youth". Made by Emma Wilbur.

Sampler (embroidery)
September 16 1819

Nine line alphabet and number sampler by Catherine Fowler.

Two samplers stitched together, three alphabet sequences, 1st alphabet sequence each letter done twice, names and verse on bottom. Mary Adeline Grooker, age 7, and Sarah Ann Grooker, age 5. Note: m...

Wide floral border, two alphabet sequences, one number sequence. Verse reads, "Give me O Lord my early grace nor let my soul complain that the young morning of my days has all be spent in vain." Ma...

Sampler made by Hannah Corning Aged 8 years in 1818. Sampler features three alphabet sequences and numbers.

Sampler (embroidery)
October 11 1817

Four alphabet sequences, one number sequence, vine and flower border with some embroidered stitches. Stitches: cross, eyelet, satin, green. Probably made in Newport, RI.

One alphabet sequence, one number sequence, federal-style stitches: cross, one eylet stitch. Made in Newport, RI Verse reads, "Elizabeth Gates was born February the 16 1809 and made this in the nin...

Cross stitch border, three alphabet sequences, 1-5 number sequence. Many types of stitches. Probably made in Newport by either Anne Handy or Anne Andy. Made of linen thread on linen.

Five alphabet sequences, one number sequence, "Extract", crude floral border. Stitches: cross and tent. Made with silk thread on linen. See: Bolton & Coe, p. 134.

Sampler (embroidery)
September 30 1811

Three alphabet sequences, very long, thin for period, done all in cross stitch. Made by Mary Goddard (b. 11/7/1803) Probably in Newport, RI.

Three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, initials " MWC" at bottom. Made with silk thread on linen.

Needlework sampler with blue house in center, bird resting on roof. House flanked by trees. Male and female figures standing by a tree. Queen's stitch flowers and strawberries around boarder. Text ...

Three alphabet sequences, two number sequences, floral border, blue house.

Three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, one verse (illegible). Stitches: cross, queen, satin.

Picture of George Washington, two views of the Washington Memorial, various scenes in the background. Made in Glasgow.

Sampler (embroidery)
1800 – 1825

Three alphabet sequences, one verse, one border. Made with cross stitch, probably in Newport, RI. Silk thread on linen.

Sampler (embroidery)
1800 – 1830

Three alphabet sequences, one number sequence, done in green thread only, all in cross stitch.

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