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circa 1830 – 1850

A quilted skirt made of a burgundy, black, and light blue woven fabric with small, organic forms. Skirt is gathered into pleats along waistband; waistband is v-shaped, and is made of an ecru, plain...

Miniature painting of Nichols Hazard: an older man with white hair, a black coat, and white shirt. Profile facing left. Blue/black background. Miniature is in an oval frame. Inscription (on back of...

Ornately carved tortoise shell comb with floral motif. 

Brown leather shoes of a slip-on style with a narrow oval toe and pronounced left/right shaping. The sole may also be of leather, and a possible wooden heel tacked with a several small nails. The s...

Set, Chess
circa 1830

Chinese set of chessmen, red bishop is missing, with a lacquer box.

dress (garment)
circa 1830 – 1870

A child's dress made of an off-white printed cotton. Believed by the donor's family to date to c. 1825. Made of a bodice with capped sleeves attached to a waistband and skirt. Cartridge pleating on...

Small dome-top trunk covered in horsehair, old lock, top handle missing, interior lined with the Rhode Island Republican newspaper dated 1829. Belonged to Thomas Thurston Carr, born in Newport in 1...

circa 1830

Cream colored cashmere, or fine twilled wool, waistcoat. Whitish clear buttons down front, two pockets and one breast pocket, buckles in back, pleated back.

circa 1830

Coin silver small eyeglasses, oval lenses, "c" bridge, and pin slider temple. "30" on hinge end of left temple bar. Tarnished metal is probably silver.

circa 1830

Biedermeier-type china head; painted blue eyes; bald painted head. Cloth body with wooden legs & forearms, spoon hands with indicated fingers. Doll is wearing a white cotton skirt with blue flo...

circa 1830

Clear glass bottle, cylindrical body with long sloping shoulders, long neck with flange, pontil mark, slight kick.

circa 1830

Striated aqua-colored glass, applied lip. Probably used to hold a condiment such as hot sauce.

circa 1830

Model of sloop packet "Aid". Single masted, rigged with a diagonally striped foresail and mainsail. Short bowsprit. Raised stern. Painted white cabin with green roof and two windows on side. R...

Miniature profile of Nicholas Hazard (1770-1848). Brown eyes, sparse, brown hair, grey side burns; wearing a black coat, white shirt with stand-up collar. Background is shaded blue; gold toned fram...

While linen man's shirt. Plain collar and bosom; gathered in front. Pleats possibly ironed in? Marked with the monogram "T Pearce, 7" may have been made in China. Shirt features two embroidered but...


White embroidered muslin collar. Very wide shoulders; long lappets in front with pointed scallops.

1830 – 1840

White muslin collar. Large with a wide shoulder effect. Elaborate embroidery with pointed scallop edging.


Lady's daytime cap in white cotton. Embroidered net insertion edged with quarter inch ruffle of the material.

Cap (headgear)
1830 – 1840

White, embroidered India muslin. Cut like D116, but larger in size and more embroidery. Might fit adult.

Miniature portrait of a woman wearing a black dress and draped with red fabric. Her dark hair is curled and pinned up away from her face. The miniature is in a red leather case. Maker label incorpo...

1830 – 1840

While linen man's shirt. Plain collar and bosom; gathered in front. Pleats possibly ironed in? Marked "T Pearce, 7" may have been made in China.

Embroidered muslin collar with pointed scalloped edges.

Two wooden toy horses w/ soldiers mounted on them; the horses are hand carved and are mounted on a hollow wooden block w/ a concealed mechanism that makes the horses rear alternately; block has a h...

97.29.1 AB
1830 – 1860

A: Slender steel sword marked on blade: 'Zenas L. Hammond/ Aquidneck Encampt'; black painted wooden grip, gilt guard and finial w/ high relief depictions of symbols associated with 100F; double cha...

1830 – 1860

Teapot with flared handle, four raised ridges, stand is dented. Could be English or American.

Baby's apron of white linen with narrow ruffle at sleeves, hem and front. A simple, shirt-style garment with four button-holes; buttons missing. Worn by the first child of Rebecca and Moses Barlow....

Purse made of merino on linen with Irish stitch in flame pattern, silk braid border, canvas shows through in spots. Made in New England.

Ladle, Serving
1830 – 1850

Fiddle-back ladle with the initials "ET" engraved in script. Belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, Daughter of Peter Taylor. Marked with "BALDWIN & JONES" enclosed in a rectangle.

Miniature painting of a VanDeursen woman. A young woman with brown eyes, brown hair, parted in middle with curls on top of head, wearing a black dress with puffed sleeves. Lace at cuffs and necklin...

Froe horse: wooden bench used to make shingles. Shinglemaker would straddle the bench and use weighted foot pedal to hold block of wood while splitting with a drawshave. Assembled with wooden pegs ...

1830 – 1860

Bell shaped lamp with a circular handle. For burning fluid, not whale oil. Burning fluid is a mix of alcohol and turpentine patented in 1830.

Framed photograph of J.P. Newell. Subject is wearing a coat with two sets of buttons. His left hand rests upon his hip. A slip of paper inside the frame reads, "JP Newell/ c. 1830-1898". On the rev...

Ship's log
1829 – 1832

Log book for the ship "Hope" by the whaler, Joseph Paddock, Jr.

1826 – 1850

Black satin front. Brown linen back with buckle. Six small black buttons on lower front, three pockets.

Sleeve hoops in white cotton with reed or rattan hoops used to extend puff sleeves.

1825 – 1845

Portion of patchwork, "Jobs Trouble" printed cotton. Design includes US Eagle and a general in uniform with a border of stars.

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