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Blue and brown strip of plaid linen. 3 pieces - the yellow dye was probably saffron. Was used as part of a bed curtain. Ticketed "Spun and women previous to 1790."

before 1893

Turned cylinder (goblet shape), may have heavier metal in core, seal inscription surrounds image of scales of justice. Inscription: "Court of Compleas, Newport."

Framed photograph of J. Allen Boone. White hair, he wears a grey suit with a black tie.

Rhode Island Society Of The Cincinnati Triennial Meeting commemorative medallion. The meeting was held in Newport Rhode Island May 13-16, 2004. The obverse of the piece displays the arms of the Rho...

Photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue when under construction. Photo features a port-a-john leaning up against the outside wall. A blue truck is parked alongside. Similar to P9237 (...

Exterior wall photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue. Two windows with white trim, and some shrubbery are visible.

View of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue from the base of a driveway; a backhoe is visible in the distance.

Photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue. The roof and ground are snow-covered. Photo seems to be recording the roof, drain spout, chimney, and cupola. A piece of wood is blocking entr...

Photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue when under construction. Photo features a port-a-john leaning up against the outside wall. A blue truck is parked alongside. Similar to P9236 (...

Color photograph of the carriage house at 65 Prairie Avenue. Photo features a man standing outside next to a bucket of a backhoe coming out from the garage door.

Button, round white with blue lettering, "I Winter in Newport." Issued by The Hill Association.

W 41.1
circa 1975

Round night cap with cotton lace edgeing on cuff, print is blue, gold, green, and wine colored on a white background. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Reproduction earthenware salt glaze pitcher; gray with blue band and leaf design. Made in Wlliamsburg, VA. From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

Traffic Sign
1969 – 1992

Metal rectangular sign with Newport Bridge logo and arrow to direct traffic. Black, blue and white road sign. Referred to as trail markers.

Black and white photograph of the Newport Players. Posed group photo with men and women dressed in costume.

Photograph of the 1957 reunion of Rogers High School's 1924-1925 basketball team. Men pictured include three players and a coach. From left to right: Bradford Garniss, Joseph Nevins, Alfred Bryan,...

A photograph of a group picnicking around a wooden table on the grounds of the Great Friends Meeting House. Image is associated with a series of photographs depicting activities at the "Old Rec".

Circular identification badge with metal pin from the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, R.I. In the center of the pin is a photograph of JF Mullaney '2289', standing at 5' 8" tall. Donor is the ...

Black and white photograph of Mary Galvin, an elderly woman, standing on the front steps of a home. She is wearing a long white dress with black shoes. Handwritten in ink at top of photo is "Mary G...

Group portrait of 4 rows of mostly women (five men stand at the back and another sits in front) at the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station on Goat Island. A sign at front of the group reads: "Shop EN 43." ...

Coins for the tercentenary anniversary of Portsmouth. Front of coin features a windmill and the words, "Portsmouth, Rhode Island 1638-1938" around the perimeter. On reverse of coin has the words, "...

A Glen Farm Fire Department badge. Badge has a circular medallion with a fire engine at center. The number "1" appears at bottom; an eagle with the year "1933" appears at top.

1930 – 1935

Purple felt hat with small bow at front, from the early 1930s.

1930 – 1935

Navy blue hat with flowers in front, from the early 1930s.

Black and white photograph of a sixth grade class at the Coggeshall School. The children are arranged in five rows on steps of a building; most are seated, with three boys standing in the back. The...

Off white linen program with silk stitching in diamond shapes. stamped in green with green leaf border. Program reads: 'Souvenir Program/ The New Opera House "Newport's Own"/ Wednesday Night Christ...

Profile portrait, Dr. Roderick Terry, sitting at a table in library reading a book; magnifying glass on table; wearing glasses, dark suit, shirt and blue tie; bald on top of head, white hair, long ...

Small circular silver medal with an anchor, a shield, a lamp, and the ocean. The 
King's Medal for Scholarship from the Senior Grammar School in 1928. The front reads: "The King's Medal for S...

Blue swallow tail ribbon w/ gold rosette around white pin marked 'Committee'; Gold Text On Ribbon Reads: '1778-1928/ 150th/ Anniversary/ Of The/ Battle Of/ Rhode Island/ Butt's Hill/ Portsmouth RI/...

Coin commemorating the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Redwood Library.

circa 1920

Washington Square, Newport circa 1920

Flat rectangular hinged silver change purse with chain handle; spring loaded holders for nickels and dimes; snap catch; raised floral design on lid.

Photograph of Phoebe ET Weaver Manchester holding the hand of Robert Dennis on East Main Road. Mrs. Manchester is wearing a hat with a flower and an ankle length whitedress. The boy is also wearing...

Portrait of Rose Pastor Phelps Stokes Oil on canvas mounted on board

#95.33.1: Metal crucifix sewn to white cardboard folder of prayers. Letter attached to the bottom reading: "Received this crucifix when I was serving at the front in Belgium during World War One in...

Small pin with the letters "RHS" standing atop a blue inverted triangle containing the number "14." Engraved on back: "14k."

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