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Stylized Japanese child, pale wood; spherical head w/ painted features is loosely attached to cylindrical body; body is decorated w/ painted tall ships, pine tree, and Japanese inscription. The dol...

Photograph of the 1957 reunion of Rogers High School's 1924-1925 basketball team. Men pictured include three players and a coach. From left to right: Bradford Garniss, Joseph Nevins, Alfred Bryan,...

A photograph of a group picnicking around a wooden table on the grounds of the Great Friends Meeting House. Image is associated with a series of photographs depicting activities at the "Old Rec".
April 1954

Caricature of J.T. O'Connell. He wears a blue shirt and tie and a grey suit. He stands by a cake with a fork and knife in hand. On the table in front of him is a large cake with blue and white fros...

Circular identification badge with metal pin from the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, R.I. In the center of the pin is a photograph of JF Mullaney '2289', standing at 5' 8" tall. Donor is the ...

91.49.6 AB
circa 1950

Round pink hatbox with lid; gold trim and label; gold colored cord handle across tip; (label: clip ons, veils, straw beret indicates former contents. Marked with Eleanor H. Baker 4 Thurston Ave.

circa 1950

Clear glass tumbler, transfer image of old stone mill. Caption in center: "Old Stone Mill, Newport, RI".

Three pins owned by Nestor Gerbeville, a civil defense warden. One is the state seal of Rhode Island, and the second is a small round blue button with a red and white striped triangle. The third is...

Ring, Life
1930 – 1950

Life ring, a flotation device, painted white with "VIM" and "Oyster Bay, N.Y." painted in gold letters with blue trim. Line attached around outside. From Vanderbilt's 12-meter racing yacht, "VIM."

W 82.1
Sugar Bowl
20th century

Beige glaze sugar bowl with handle on side and matching cover. Stout and round in shape. Marked on the bottom with "51.26.20." From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

1900 – 1950

Pair of ivory grosgrain silk shoes with gold satin banding. Large bow at ankles, smaller bows at top of foot that laces down to the toe. Large bows at ankles covers up two buttons. White leather li...

White cotton petticoat, 5" up from hem are eyelets and embroidery, four vertical bands above this.

Cover, Cushion
1900 – 1950

Chair seat cover with six round scalloped designs, each centered with a different flower; center of canvas is a separate design; all these surrounded with a wreath design.

Fan, Hand
1900 – 1950

15 lace covered plastic sticks; 2/3 of each stick is covered w/ heavy paper; bottom 1/3 of sticks and the end sticks are plastic only; no handle.

Floral design in center with smaller designs in each corner; roses and leaves on fine ecru wool background fabric; colors of reds, blues, greens and tans.

93.21 AB
1850 – 1950

Late 19th or early 20th c. Toy ice wagon. White and blue body, black chasis, pulled by 2 brown horses with black manes and tails. Horses form one unit with front wheels. Black wheels attached to wa...

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