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Badge, Insignia
September 3 1938

Two medals connected by a ribbon. The top medal is a pin with an anchor on each side with the word 'Hope' above them, between the anchors is a three masted sailing ship with the words 'Newport, RI'...

circa 1938

Head is made of glazed stuffed cloth. Face features painted violet eyes and red lips, nostrils, eyebrows. Black thread hair with flowers and ornaments on head. Body is stuffed cloth. Limbs feature ...

Coins for the tercentenary anniversary of Portsmouth. Front of coin features a windmill and the words, "Portsmouth, Rhode Island 1638-1938" around the perimeter. On reverse of coin has the words, "...

Sign, Trade
1938 – 1946

Electrified sign; double face; framed with 1 x 6 white-painted boards; light bulb between white glass panes; black painted text: "39/colonial/house/rooms". Colonial house in Newport Directory 1938...

Sampler commemorating Rhode Island's tercentennial. Shows various buildings in Newport: Colony House in center, Brick Market in lower left corner, Redwood Library in lower right corner -- all surro...


Wooden sign with frame. Sign is painted with a light beige color, the frame with a faded pink color in the upper center of the sign is a circular plague (made of pewter) which says around the edges...

A Glen Farm Fire Department badge. Badge has a circular medallion with a fire engine at center. The number "1" appears at bottom; an eagle with the year "1933" appears at top.

1930 – 1935

Purple felt hat with small bow at front, from the early 1930s.

1930 – 1935

Navy blue hat with flowers in front, from the early 1930s.

1930 – 1935

Green felt hat with a feather in front from the early 1930s.

Ring, Life
1930 – 1950

Life ring, a flotation device, painted white with "VIM" and "Oyster Bay, N.Y." painted in gold letters with blue trim. Line attached around outside. From Vanderbilt's 12-meter racing yacht, "VIM."

Black and white photograph of a sixth grade class at the Coggeshall School. The children are arranged in five rows on steps of a building; most are seated, with three boys standing in the back. The...

88.14.1 MN
1910 – 1940

Two circular 'For King And Empire, Services Rendered' medals with the King's Crown. M was backed by red silk. N is backed by blue silk.

Shop Sign
1910 – 1940

Sign for the "The Shamrock House/113 Touro Street". Rectangular sign has black lettering, 2 green shamrocks on each side of the word "House". One side also has "Rooms" crudely added. Trim is green ...

Belaying pin, heavy brass pin (a) on wooden stand (b). Inscribed "Aloha 1910-1937". Used on boat to secure running gear. From the yacht "Aloha".

W 82.1
Sugar Bowl
20th century

Beige glaze sugar bowl with handle on side and matching cover. Stout and round in shape. Marked on the bottom with "51.26.20." From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

1900 – 1950

Pair of ivory grosgrain silk shoes with gold satin banding. Large bow at ankles, smaller bows at top of foot that laces down to the toe. Large bows at ankles covers up two buttons. White leather li...

White cotton petticoat, 5" up from hem are eyelets and embroidery, four vertical bands above this.

Cover, Cushion
1900 – 1950

Chair seat cover with six round scalloped designs, each centered with a different flower; center of canvas is a separate design; all these surrounded with a wreath design.

Fan, Hand
1900 – 1950

15 lace covered plastic sticks; 2/3 of each stick is covered w/ heavy paper; bottom 1/3 of sticks and the end sticks are plastic only; no handle.

Casting patterns: pair of wooden patterns used to make brass or iron castings for pulleys on fishing dories. From J.T. O'Connell's supply company. Used primarily to pull in long heavy lines of cod...

Floral design in center with smaller designs in each corner; roses and leaves on fine ecru wool background fabric; colors of reds, blues, greens and tans.

93.21 AB
1850 – 1950

Late 19th or early 20th c. Toy ice wagon. White and blue body, black chasis, pulled by 2 brown horses with black manes and tails. Horses form one unit with front wheels. Black wheels attached to wa...

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