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Toy, Car
before 1916

Painted wood model of side pumper, red with black and gold trim; metal pumping mechanism, wooden handles. Solid wooden wheels, smaller front wheels on swivel. Air chamber is reproduction of origina...

Circular medal, in low relief on front is a soldier backed by the female figure of victory. The back of the medal reads 'For Service 1917-1919 Presented By The State Of New York', the countries of ...

Circular medals, front depicts a classical clothed winged female (victory), back of medal has a laurel wreath enclosing the words 'The Great War For Civilisation 1914-1919', medal on a multicolored...

Wooden, painted black on one side, unpainted on the other. Made of two pieces of wood, joined near arrow end. Used in Liberty Loan campaign in 1918 to indicate amount of money raised. Displayed ove...

Square piece of green military uniform with four badges, nineteen buttons and one stripe. On note attached the green uniform piece 'these buttons and badges are from the uniforms worn by me while ...

Triangular shaped medal depicting head of a soldier facing left. Back reads 'Medaille Commemorative De La Campagne 1914-1918 Herinnerincs Medaille Van Den Velotocht'.

Circular medal on multicolored striped silk ribbon, front of medal depicts winged female figure with laurel wreath and bundle in hands and sword at waist. Back reads 'RF La Grande Guerre Pour La Ci...

Circular medal, front depicts a man head in profile to the left with the words 'Georgius V. Britt. Omn Rex Et Ind: Imp:'. Back of medal depicts a boat in a storm with the words 'For War Service Mer...

Two circular medals, front depicts a man's head facing left surrounded by the words 'Georgius V. Britt. Omn Rex Et Ind: Imp', Back of medal depicts nude male on horse over skull and crossbones, and...

Rectangular shaped blue leather case to hold military medals, two brass buttons at bottom, two flaps on sides that fold over inside case, interior of cotton and felt, bar with thirteen medals sewn ...

August 12 1916

Small trophy as Grecian-style urn, two handles; engraved inscription. Engraved with "Newport Dog Show/August 12, 1916". Also, spider web logo with number "378/5".

Photograph of Phoebe ET Weaver Manchester holding the hand of Robert Dennis on East Main Road. Mrs. Manchester is wearing a hat with a flower and an ankle length whitedress. The boy is also wearing...

Portrait of Rose Pastor Phelps Stokes Oil on canvas mounted on board

Medal with four pointed ends, top point is shape of crown, crossing swords through center of medal surrounded by laurel wreath. On red, white and blue silk ribbon. Marked with on front '1914-1915 G...

#95.33.1: Metal crucifix sewn to white cardboard folder of prayers. Letter attached to the bottom reading: "Received this crucifix when I was serving at the front in Belgium during World War One in...

Small pin with the letters "RHS" standing atop a blue inverted triangle containing the number "14." Engraved on back: "14k."

1914 – 1918

Round badge, blue background, white star with red circle in center, two gold wings flanking the star. From Headquarters, Army Air Force.

1914 – 1918

Red, white and blue badge. White star, two white wavy lines, white border, red and blue background. From AMET (Africa-Middle East Theater).

Badge, Insignia
1914 – 1918

Badge with pin in the shape of an eagle with a shield marked "American/Ambulance" over a cross (of the type used by the red cross). Eagle is holding a bar marked "France 1914"; bar has hooks to su...

Head is made of clay. Face has painted blue eyes, molded nose and ears, painted black hair, moustache, and brows. The body is stuffed with sawdust, clay hands and forearms, separated at shoulders. ...

Scale Model
circa 1913

Exhibition model of sailboat Kirin. Black two-masted schooner has two booms for each mast. Hatch at the bow of ship. Cabin towards stem with six cabin skylights protruding above the deck. A silver ...

circa 1912

White lace lingere with seven mother-of-pearl buttons down front, v-neck, crocheted elements.

Ladies belt of black gros-grain ribbon, round silver buckle.

Ladies belt of white gros-grain ribbon, silver rectangular buckle.

Ladies belt of handwoven material with silver thread, mother of pearl buckle.

Unhemmed scarf: blue photographic prints of Newport views on white sateen; title: "Souvenir of Newport Rhode Island". Commemorates reunion of Newport Artillery, Richmond Light Infantry Blues, and F...

Oak figurehead representing "Lillioukalani", the last queen of Hawaii. Figure painted white with gold painted beads around the neck. Painted gold hair ornaments and sash. Left hand held across hear...

1910 – 1925

Green floor length dress made of lustrous green satin. Has both machine and hand stitching. Features a square neckline with several buttons at yoke. A belt is sewn on with fabric covered buttons. D...

Small blue and gold pin. The shape is that of a crescent and a shield. Written in the crescent shape is "Coddington," and in the shield is the number "10."

88.14.1 MN
1910 – 1940

Two circular 'For King And Empire, Services Rendered' medals with the King's Crown. M was backed by red silk. N is backed by blue silk.

Shop Sign
1910 – 1940

Sign for the "The Shamrock House/113 Touro Street". Rectangular sign has black lettering, 2 green shamrocks on each side of the word "House". One side also has "Rooms" crudely added. Trim is green ...

Belaying pin, heavy brass pin (a) on wooden stand (b). Inscribed "Aloha 1910-1937". Used on boat to secure running gear. From the yacht "Aloha".

Cream colored chiffon motor veil.

1907 – 1912

Cotton lawn bodice trimmed with heavy lace insertion about two inches on back and front. Same trim on the cuffs. V-necked yoke front and back. Eight inch tucks of the lawn material, front and back,...

1907 – 1912

Sheer bodice made of lawn with many fine tucks in the front and back as well as the sleeves. Insertion on the sleeves, around the neck and all seams. High boned neck, leg-o-mutton sleeves, gathered...

W 82.1
Sugar Bowl
20th century

Beige glaze sugar bowl with handle on side and matching cover. Stout and round in shape. Marked on the bottom with "51.26.20." From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

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