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Small red and gold pin. The name "Calvert" is on a gold banner that drapes over a red enamel background. The number "0" is at the top of the pin and "9" is at the bottom.

Brownish leather case lined with black felt, fold out case, case has textured lines.

Cream colored chiffon motor veil.

1907 – 1912

Cotton lawn bodice trimmed with heavy lace insertion about two inches on back and front. Same trim on the cuffs. V-necked yoke front and back. Eight inch tucks of the lawn material, front and back,...

1907 – 1912

Sheer bodice made of lawn with many fine tucks in the front and back as well as the sleeves. Insertion on the sleeves, around the neck and all seams. High boned neck, leg-o-mutton sleeves, gathered...

Badge with three sections, 4 chains of 3 links each link the sections together. Top section is a pin with the words 'Executive Committee' . The middle section reads 'June 25/Newport RI/1906. Bottom...

circa 1905

White Tea Apron, small trim with wide edging and insertion of embroidered net (rather course).

circa 1905

Tan silk petticoat. Bottom of skirt has alternating tiers of black lace and tan silk.

Silver medal presented by Newport Horticultural Society to Mrs. Theodore K. Gibbs Sept. 11, 1905 for Japanese plants. Front of coins features the Old Stone Mill and reads, "Newport Horticulture Soc...

Red, white and blue silk "Old Home Week, 1905" ribbon attached at the bottom to a circular pendant/medallion depicting the Old Stone Mill. The top of the ribbon is attached to a pin connected to tw...

circa 1903

Heavy material (like burlap) bag, dark gray color with black writing. Writing on bag reads: "Souvenir From Us Tug "Leyden" Wrecked At Block Island, RI, Jan. 21, 1903. A.N. Littlefield, Keeper; Ti...

November 1901

Brass frame, quadrangular lenses, crank bridge, loop to loop slider on temple bars. Labeled "#51" and "24", the latter probably refers to the power of the lens.

Portrait of a young man, Edward Clarke, wearing eyeglasses, a white button down shirt, black coat, and a black bowtie. The painting is under a gold frame with an oval opening. The miniature and fra...

July 1900

Photograph of Estelle de Laussat Willoughby. She is wearing a white or light colored gown, with large feathered hat, and holding a parasol on her left shoulder. Reverse reads:"Estelle de Laussat Wi...

Broadside advertising a minstrel show at the Newport Opera House. Printed on paper in various typefaces, announcing a "Fireman's Benefit" that includes a minstrel show, several; musical acts and a ...

circa 1900

Head of stuffed linen. Eyes, brows, ears and mouth are embroidered. Nose is applied braided thread. Hair is black cloth. Body of stuffed cloth, separated at hips and knees. Arms have sewed fingers....

Pair of white leather dress boots with eleven white buttons up the sides, 1 1/2" heel, 9" high boot total.

circa 1900

Demi-tasse cup, white with raised pattern around lip. Pink inside, gold trim. Colored illustration on one side shows Old Stone Mill.

circa 1900

White saucer (no cup), with indentation for cup; fine gold line around edge; black and white transfer design of Old Stone Mill. Maker's mark with crown symbol on verso.

circa 1900

White vase with gilded floral motif on upper edges, base and handles: applied decal of cliff walk with mansions in background.

circa 1900

Half-length portrait of Silas Sisson, subject faces to left, appears to sit at a desk; short light-brown hair; wearing black jacket, vest and bow tie. White shirt with collar turned up, left arm re...

circa 1900

Oval bust portrait of Joseph Allen facing slightly to the right; short whitish-grey hair with receding hair line; dressed in black jacket and tie. white shirt with collar turned up. Deep set brown ...

circa 1900

Portrait of William Seth Bateman. Bust length, facing left; short grey hair with receding hairline; also grey beard and mustache.

circa 1900

Portrait painting of R. Hammett Tilley. Oval bust length portrait; subject faces to the left; subject is a young man with reddish-brown hair dressed in white collared shirt with thin black bow tie,...

circa 1900

Portrait painting of an unknown man, possibly William Bateman. Bust facing right, hazel eyes, red hair, bushy mustache, which is a lighter shade of red than hair on head. Black jacket and bow tie, ...

Wooden baseball bat with black adhesive tape wrapped around grip. End is knob-shaped. Manufactured by Stall & Dean (see maker's mark).

Portrait of George Champlin Mason (1820-1894). Bust portrait facing left, blondish-brown hair and mustache, blue eyes, wearing a white shirt, black jacket, bowtie and a maroon vest. Frame painted g...

Glass plate negative of Walter Bruce Howe in the window of his home at 1724 I Street, Washington, D.C.

Photograph of Admiral William T. Swinburne (1847-1928) in uniform. Stars appear on subject's standing collar, and stripes at his cuff. His hat is resting on his lap. Subject has thinning hair and ...

1900 – 1905

Jacket type waist bodice of black velvet, trimmed with jet, lace jabot.

W 82.1
Sugar Bowl
20th century

Beige glaze sugar bowl with handle on side and matching cover. Stout and round in shape. Marked on the bottom with "51.26.20." From the Wanton-Lyman-Hazard house.

1900 – 1950

Pair of ivory grosgrain silk shoes with gold satin banding. Large bow at ankles, smaller bows at top of foot that laces down to the toe. Large bows at ankles covers up two buttons. White leather li...

White cotton petticoat, 5" up from hem are eyelets and embroidery, four vertical bands above this.

1900 – 1910

Blouse or "shirt waist" of cream colored satin, pleated front, eleven buttons, high collar, bottom looks like an attached cumberbund. Snaps and hooks, lace stitching on cuffs and high collar, colla...

1900 – 1910

Black Spanish lace over white satin, white satin rushing trim. The top is a carved ring in bent wood and the handle is ornately carved with a lions head and body at the top. Wood has light finish.

1900 – 1910

Young girls while light weight cotton dress (perhaps uses as an undergarment due to its sheerness and light weight). Elbow length sleeves, accordian waist, five horizontal bands along bottom of dre...

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