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Hand press for embossing 'Notary Public' seal on paper. Press is made of painted black metal with blue and gold detailing. Long curvilinear handle activates press for a round embossed seal. Round s...

1888 – 1890

1888 and 1890 Gibbs Medal for Scholarship awarded to John Francis Hamilton. The 1888 medal reads: "The Gibbs Medal for Scholarship, Fourth Grammar Class, 1888, Newport, R.I., John Francis Hamilton,...

Fire ax, fire with an iron head, wooden handle. Head painted gold with "180(?)- 1888" handle painted "Str. Bristol". Once used as fire axe on the Bristol of the fall river line, this is now a comme...

Parasol of black ribbed silk, black stick with nickel shaft that pulls in and out. Round black handle. Marked on shaft "Patent Dec 27. 87"

1886 – 1887

Violet, lined blue sleeve, bands of yellow and green. Neck, front, bottom and sleeve bands embroidered with floral design in shades of blue. Orginally cataloged as "Chinese Jacket".

1886 – 1887

Skirt made of green satin with black border; embroidered in blue, pink and gold. Bowed with black, blue and white satin. Embroidered; cotton waist band. Originally cataloged as "Chinese Skirt."

1886 – 1887

Red and white material, narrow strips of cotton-backed silk made into pajamas. Presumably part of Chinese costume. Originally cataloged as "Chinese Pajamas"

D92 AB
Hair Ornament
1886 – 1887

Chinese hair ornament with flowers of various colors of kinky silk covered wires. Fringed silk to give a feather effect. Worn at a masquerade by Miss Florence Newton in 1886-1887.

bonnets (hats)
1885 – 1895

Straw bonnet with dark blue velvet facing. Considered a "cottage bonnet." Was worn by Ida C. Waldron (1859-1936), who was step-sister to Mrs. Albert Yeager.

circa 1884

Unknown silhouette of man facing left, black on light brown. White collar turned up; hair drawn in, nose appears chipped off. Square wood frame, gold paint chipped and faded. On back: "Presented by...

D416 AB
circa 1883

Bottle green (bluish, almost black). Heavy silk, fancy weave, front of skirt, floral brocade on light blue-green ground. Trim with chiffon and lace.

Gold, circular medal. One side of the medal reads: 'Life saving medal of the first class/ United States of America' and depicts, in relief, three men in a boat saving a woman from drowning at sea. ...

Wood croquet balls, each with two stripes. Each ball has its own distinct stripe colors. The colors are: red, green, yellow and white.

Four wooden croquet mallets with painted stripes, stripes colors include: red, green and blue. Mallet heads have incised lines, mallet handle tapers toward head.

Sephia toned photo of Dr. David King II's library at his residence on Bellevue or Catherine Street. Photograph is a copy of an original image.

1880 – 1899

Dark blue, velvet bonnet. Trimmed with black satin ribbon. May be used for pageants.

1880 – 1900

Bookmark of the Old Stone Mill on silk cloth and punched paper made with wool thread.

1880 – 1900

Needlework bookmark featuring an urn with flowers. Silk cloth on punched paper with wool thread.

1880 – 1900

Needlework bookmark featuring a pilgrim chair with writing at the bottom. Made of silk cloth on punched paper with silk thread.

1880 – 1900

Bookmark featuring a beadwork cross on punched paper. Silver and gold beads, coverd by beige silk.

1880 – 1900

Cross stitched bookmark featuring a cross topped by a crown, with two rows of cross stitch at top and bottom. Made in Newport, RI. made of silk cloth on punched paper with silk thread.

1880 – 1900

Cross stitched bookmark featuring a cross on top of a book. Made in Newport, RI.

circa 1875 – 1925

Fine gray and black silk bodice with fabric on giadonal panels next to vertical stripes, stand up collar, slits at side seams, covered button panel in front, buttons missing.

1875 – 1885

White; cross bar dimity. Similar to D350, but with heavier edging.

1875 – 1925

Square shawl of gray beige silk with a striped border woven into the material in white (or a lighter shade of the gray beige). Two sides are selvedge and the other two are hemmed.

White starched man's cuff with five button holes.

Round canoe fender made of two pieces of leather sewn around edges and stuffed, hanging tab on one side, star incised in leather in center of both sides. Found in the left of J.T O'connell's ship c...

Dress (garment)
1871 – 1881

White with small gray figure. Muslin. Trim with lace, belt missing.

1870 – 1920

"Pinner" type, no strings. Blue and white plaid linen.

01.933 AB
Stamp, Notary
1869 – 1889

Two parts of a seal embosser. It reads, "Francis Brinley/Newport, RI/Notary Public" Made in Newport.

1869 – 1889

Appears to be 1/2 of a seal embosser. Marked with "Francis Brinley/State Of Rhode Island/A Commissioner of Deeds For The State of Rhode Island, City and County of Newport". Made in Newport.

1869 – 1889

Appears to be the top of a testimonial weight (?)."Francis Brinley/State of Rhode Island/A Commissioner of Deeds For The State of Rhode Island, City and County of Newport". Made in Newport.

1867 – 1890

Ladies white day cap, trimmed with lace. Cap unfolds to form one flat piece. Carelessly made, probably for costume, but good style.

1852 – 1880

Ambrotype of Mary Topham Goddard Stacy. Subject is wearing a dark colored gown. She is wearing a large black bonnet that ties under the chin. Her hair is pulled up, parted in the middle. Her hands,...

Painting, Miniature
circa 1850 – 1900

Unknown male with green eyes, reddish-brown hair falls in wisps across forehead, wearing black jacket, pink tinged shirt. Background is tones of pink and gold. Subject is facing right.
Metal ...

Pair of olive green moreen silk boots, brown laces, twenty four holes on each boot. 7" high, ankle interior is of white canvas. Lace in front, low broad heels. Factory made, brass eyelets.

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