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Small silver circular medal that reads, "Life Saving Benevolent Association of New York Incorporated March 29 1824" Back reads, "Vita Felicibus Ausis Servata./ Presented to Miss Ida Lewis as a test...

Silver commerative medal in an anchor shape.. Front reads, "Here I came to an anchor" and the back reads, "Sterling. A remembrance to Ida Lewis the saver of many lives.

A silver circular medal with a crest on the front with two rowboats, shaking hands, and a ship at sea. Above the word "refuge" is a house. Inscription: (front): "Humane Society of Massachusetts, Re...

Ornate silver-plated speaking trumpet w/ red braided silk cord, presented to Thomas Stevens by the members of the Phoenix Hook & Ladder Co., No. 1, Newport, RI. Trumpet is elaborately engraved,...

01.933 AB
Stamp, Notary
1869 – 1889

Two parts of a seal embosser. It reads, "Francis Brinley/Newport, RI/Notary Public" Made in Newport.

1869 – 1889

Appears to be 1/2 of a seal embosser. Marked with "Francis Brinley/State Of Rhode Island/A Commissioner of Deeds For The State of Rhode Island, City and County of Newport". Made in Newport.

1869 – 1889

Appears to be the top of a testimonial weight (?)."Francis Brinley/State of Rhode Island/A Commissioner of Deeds For The State of Rhode Island, City and County of Newport". Made in Newport.

Four oars from the Ida Lewis boat "Rescue". Wood with metal tips.

Rowboat oarlocks from Ida Lewis' boat "Rescue".

Sun Compass
after 1869

Small sundial and compass in hinged wooden case. Belonged to Ida Lewis; acquired with other Ida Lewis memorabilia.

Beaded 19th century style furniture set in a circle on a brown rug with flowered pattern. Sits on a wooden base and is covered by a glass dome. Furniture is made of light blue and maroon beads; yel...

August 24 1867

Print engraving of illustration from Harper's Weekly of the Old Stone Mill, titled "The Round Tower of Newport". The engraving is taken from a photo by Rockwood of NYC.

1867 – 1890

Ladies white day cap, trimmed with lace. Cap unfolds to form one flat piece. Carelessly made, probably for costume, but good style.

Ruffle iron: metal iron in two parts. Corrugated metal roller has metal handle and hook for lifting base on and off stove to be heated. Iron base has corrugated surface, and is embossed on bottom: ...

Piece of drapery from the catafalque from President Lincoln's funeral. Beige-gold color pouch-like piece.

97.1.10 B
April 1865

Silver wire and wood tassel from the drapery of the catafalque upon which the remains of President Lincoln were carried from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Illinois, April 1865; silver wire woven...

circa 1865 – 1875

Bottle green, silk bodice. High neck with long sleeves. Large and strong. Skirt is missing.

circa 1865

Green petticoat in cambric or silicia, pleats at waist.

circa 1865

Brown ribbed silk dress with belt and pockets. Buttons run from nick to hem, but are only functional from the neck to midrift. Possible Negligee dress?

circa 1865

Brown and gray plaid silk taffeta Negligee dress, Possible morning dress. Front of dress is plain brown, back is plaid. Buttons run from the nick to mid-length, pockets, slight train in back.

Skirt and bodice of deep cream colored ribbed silk. Gored skirt, ripped off waistband. Bodice has white chenile fringe and has tails (similar to a mans coat with tails), chiffon trim around collar....

D76 C
Fan, Brisé
circa 1865

Brisee fan in deep cream made from ivory and silk. Pieced ivory silks with feather-shaped heads of cream tatt; spangled. Fancy tassel.

circa 1865

"Frozen Charlotte" doll with a glazed china head with blue eyes with red line. Body is all china. The clothes are a tucked dimity dress; of shoulder petticoat. Possible made in Germany.

Olive-green colored flask with tapered body covered with leather. Cover has one continuous seam around all sides. A loop on each side, a loop on the bottom. Marked with "A" and "N 122".

1865 – 1870

Blue and brown striped taffeta. Low neck, short sleeves, round waist. Skirt is missing.

1865 – 1875

Basque style bodice, long sleeved, beige silk tafetta with a small print of lavender flowers, silk and cotton lined. The buttons in the front are covered in lavender tafetta as are the front and ba...

Half Model of Yacht "America." Cherry model nailed to matching backboard. Tag reads: 101 ft., 9" long on deck 90 ft., 3 inches at the waterline 23 ft. Beam :::::: 11 ft. Draft

Menu for Atlantic House Hotel from 1861. has been at Museum of Newport History since 1985. Provenance information is incomplete.

1861 – 1865

Ink wash of "US General Hospital, Portsmouth, RI" J. Baker, J.M. Tabor Jr.

D385 AB
circa 1860

Yellow and gray shot taffeta, figured evening dresa. Bodice and skirt separate. Belonged to Catherine Malbone.

D394 AB
circa 1860

Silk dress. Bodice and Skirt are black with multiple small cross-bars. Bodice has white sheer trim and pleated front, buttons down middle, skirt also pleated.

circa 1860

Quaker gloves small brown cotton gloves with elastic wrist bands (once white gloves?) Supposed to have come from Job Sherman's Shop.

circa 1860

17" square handkerchief with a satin embroidered scalloped edge with a 2 1/4" striped border. In each of the three corners there is a single initial MEP in one corner is embroidered an emblem with ...

circa 1860

Head is parian blonde hair with long sausage curls. Face has molded features, blue painted eyes. Body is stuffed cloth, parian arms and legs, flat brown boots. Doll is wearing knitted red, white an...

circa 1860

Matron of honor doll with flat-top china head, two hole shoulder, 2" plate, black sausage curls; painted, blue eyes with red line. Stuffed cloth body. Clothes are a net lace dress with appliqued fl...

circa 1860

Head is china "flat-top", sausage curls. The body is stuffed from waist to platform with sawdust. Doll is wearing a blue silk dress with black lace. Made in Germany.

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