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before 1833

Full length silhouette of woman (Sarah) facing right. Dressed in 19th century style with long dress, hair up in bun, holding a fan. Black on light paper, no frame. Written on back in pencil: "Befor...

Profile of woman seated in a chair, wearing white cap with black ribbon tied around head, black dress with black flounce at neck. Gold and black frame. Handwritten on back of frame, "Miss Marion Jo...

Small baby pillow with tassles at each of the four corners. Beads are applied to read, "Welcome Little Stranger 1838." On reverse beads spell the monogram "FMS."

Star-shaped pincushion with four points and tassels on the corners. Pins spell "Welcome Little Stranger 1838", on reverse the initials "FMS" can be seen. Reference: Swan "Plain And Fancy"

Calendar with male and female figures, animals, boats, plants, and various dates. Calendar can be understood by reading the numbers under the first letter of the month for every month September thr...

Portrait of Alexander MacGregor Family. Central figure is Mr. MacGregor; Mrs. MacGregor wears white bonnet with light blue bow; four children; daughter stands by Mr. MacGregor with green dress and ...

1836 – 1846

Wadded bonnet in violet silk, lined in pink, with pink plaid ribbon.

1836 – 1846

Waist of dress, skirt missing. Plaid wool, green, yellow and red. Long sleeves, shirred tucks over bosom and down front. Ticketed: Worn by Mrs. Alex McGregor whole husband came from Scotland to hel...

Raised embroidered infant's cap, little dots with border design and flowers. On top is a circle with flower in it. Lacy net trim. Ties from front. Ties attached have a little bow on each side.

Cotton infant's cap with leafy kind of embroidery. Embroidery around edge is made of net material. Big design in center of back of cap - floral leaf design, tiny eyelet design throughout cap.

1835 – 1845

White muslin collar with elaborate embroidery, lace edge.

circa 1833

Oval bonnet or hat box. Green gray in color. Hand blocked paper.

Miniature photograph of John Henry Tilley (1831-1907). Light sepia-toned photo of a middle-aged man with a beard, receding hairline, brown coat and tie, white shirt. Copper color rim on a frame tha...

Miniature painting of Nichols Hazard: an older man with white hair, a black coat, and white shirt. Profile facing left. Blue/black background. Miniature is in an oval frame. Inscription (on back of...

Small dome-top trunk covered in horsehair, old lock, top handle missing, interior lined with the Rhode Island Republican newspaper dated 1829. Belonged to Thomas Thurston Carr, born in Newport in 1...

circa 1830

Coin silver small eyeglasses, oval lenses, "c" bridge, and pin slider temple. "30" on hinge end of left temple bar. Tarnished metal is probably silver.

circa 1830

Biedermeier-type china head; painted blue eyes; bald painted head. Cloth body with wooden legs & forearms, spoon hands with indicated fingers. Doll is wearing a white cotton skirt with blue flo...

circa 1830

Clear glass bottle, cylindrical body with long sloping shoulders, long neck with flange, pontil mark, slight kick.

circa 1830

Striated aqua-colored glass, applied lip. Probably used to hold a condiment such as hot sauce.

Miniature profile of Nicholas Hazard (1770-1848). Brown eyes, sparse, brown hair, grey side burns; wearing a black coat, white shirt with stand-up collar. Background is shaded blue; gold toned fram...


White embroidered muslin collar. Very wide shoulders; long lappets in front with pointed scallops.

1830 – 1840

White muslin collar. Large with a wide shoulder effect. Elaborate embroidery with pointed scallop edging.


Lady's daytime cap in white cotton. Embroidered net insertion edged with quarter inch ruffle of the material.

Cap (headgear)
1830 – 1840

White, embroidered India muslin. Cut like D116, but larger in size and more embroidery. Might fit adult.

Embroidered muslin collar with pointed scalloped edges.

Two wooden toy horses w/ soldiers mounted on them; the horses are hand carved and are mounted on a hollow wooden block w/ a concealed mechanism that makes the horses rear alternately; block has a h...

Purse made of merino on linen with Irish stitch in flame pattern, silk braid border, canvas shows through in spots. Made in New England.

Froe horse: wooden bench used to make shingles. Shinglemaker would straddle the bench and use weighted foot pedal to hold block of wood while splitting with a drawshave. Assembled with wooden pegs ...

Framed photograph of J.P. Newell. Subject is wearing a coat with two sets of buttons. His left hand rests upon his hip. A slip of paper inside the frame reads, "JP Newell/ c. 1830-1898". On the rev...

Embroidered belt for ladies dress. Neutral or yellowed with embroidered colored silks. Linen gauze lined with linen. Bound brown ribbon embroidered with flowers in colored silks.

Case, Needle
1825 – 1850

Knitting needle sheath has three cylinders to hold tops of needles, pierced design around edges. Stuart Frank 11/04/2009: Needle case made of whale ivory; not a knitting needle sheath as previous...

Bowl, Eating
1825 – 1865

Silver Earthewaren (Lusterware) bowl, gadrooned around bottom half; molded ribbing around the top. Part of a set including: #62.1.1 (a, b), #62.1.2 and #62.1.3. Gift of the estate of Mrs. Chester A...

1821 – 1871

Nightstick made of wood w/ a hole near the top of the handle, evidently for a strap or cord for hanging it. It was used by William Henry Cranston (1821-1871), Mayor of Newport, 1857-1866.

1820 – 1850

Doll's head is papier-mache with a painted face, round blue eyes, hair is is coiffure with 2 brushed loops. Head is dated from 1830. Limbs are spoon hands, with yellow painted flat feet. Clothing i...

Textile depicting underwater flora, seaweed, and coral. The textile features a pink, teal and brown roller print on a tan ground.

Sign, Traffic
1815 – 1873

Toll road sign from Smith Street, Providence. Gives rates of toll for a variety of horse-drawn vehicles and for animals. Sign is wood, painted grey with raised black lettering, framed with molding ...

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