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before 1812

Metal holder with two end rings surrounds round part with 3 large grooves. Tag reads: "Deadeye from man-of-war 'Macedonian' captured by us frigate "United States" on October 25, 1812.

View of Washington Square, looking towards the Brick Market and Long Wharf. 5 women and 2 men on the right side, woman and a small child with a wheelbarrow, and 2 men sitting on fence on the left s...

Sign, Traffic
1815 – 1873

Toll road sign from Smith Street, Providence. Gives rates of toll for a variety of horse-drawn vehicles and for animals. Sign is wood, painted grey with raised black lettering, framed with molding ...

Stiffened strap, gold corded fabric, blue wool underside; gold button w/ eagle & 13 stars; gold lace and two rows of bullion. #12 inked on underside; 557 sticker on upper side.

December 17 1811

Wafer thin silver oval with inscriptions on both sides. Accomodation at top for ribbon and chain. Inscription: "Given/to/Mastr. Jno. Choules/by/Mr. Thos. Evans/Dec. 17, 1811/Redcliff/Grammar School...

Miniature portrait of Thomas Hornsby (1765-1857). Three quarter profile, facing right; brown hair, brown eyes, yellow jacket, white vest, shirt with tie at neck.

1810 – 1875

Cylindrical-shaped with pebbled surface.

Fan, Brisé
19th century

Brise ivory fan with 22, 7.5 inch sticks. The design is of India type. Almost perfect condition.

Fan, Brisé
19th century

Brise fan in honey. Pierced design, accent with metal studs. Ribbon is broken. 21, 6 inch spokes.

Fan, Hand
19th century

Yellowed fan with ivory sticks and a silk field. 16 pierced sticks. Hand painted field, slight decoration, floral garland. The back is torn.

1800 – 1850

Lady's daytime cap in white net. Probably worn by same lady as D311.

1800 – 1850

Brightly colored shawl box. Hand blocked paper, floral panels with yellow border, marblized effects.

1800 – 1850

Oblong with rounded corners. Green and gray in color. Handblocked paper with a design on lyre and foliage.

D238 G
19th century

Bonnet box from a Quaker owner. Tan and white box. Covered in wallpaper. Contains D238A-F

Bonnet or cap block with face. Black hair and green dress (painted). Papier mache and kid. Bust of woman - face painted on, plaster chipped away for whites of eyes with pupils penciled in, red dot ...

D238 A
Bonnet (hat)
19th century

Quaker bonnet, in greenish gray silk with white lining.

Pattern (guide)
19th century

Cardboard pattern for forepart of Quaker bonnet.

19th century

Pinafore Style, Cross-bar dimity apron. Machine seams, trimmed with heavy tatting for a young girl.

Pine or maple blanket chest painted black; iron handles; dovetailing on corners; no legs. Marked with 'Samuel Powel, 1005 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Oct.3, 1860; Hw Have Powel, Chestnut Hill, Phila...

Maple blanket chest painted green; rope handles; crack in top; covered compartment inside.

1800 – 1850

Straw tan high hat with 2" black ribbon, brim is 2 3/4".

Early 19th century American flax wheel with turned spokes, splayed feet. (A) is a major body of the wheel, made up of the wheel and all its connecting pieces. (B) is the treadle. (C) is the piece t...

1800 – 1850

Milliner's model with a painted wooden head, gray painted hair, dots for eyes, eyebrows, wisps of gray hair around face. The body is wood, jointed at hips, elbows, shoulders, nipped-in-waist. Limbs...

19th century

Waist of infants dress, white striped dimity. Small button on each sleeve. Trim on ends of short sleeve continues up sleeve.

Floral striped calico, part of a child's dress. Possibly a sleeve that has been cut from the rest of the garment.

White cotton top of infants dress. Fine embroidery, floral motif.

19th century

Plain white cotton corset cover with lone eyelets for the front laces. The garment has a patch at the waist line on each side. The patches are of different sizes and materials and are hand sewn. Th...

Dress (garment)
1800 – 1825

Brown crepe Quaker dress lined with brown silk, drawstrings on back. Dress is plain but the hem has a floral motif. Worn by Elizabeth Allen (1768-1834).

1800 – 1825

Family umbrella. Green silk parasol with a band of green and olive green. Whalebone ribs. Wood shaft covered with a metal tube, bone handle with a curve, top of handle is carved to resemble a sea s...

19th century

Gray shawl identified as Quaker shawl belonging to Rebecca Collins of Philadelphia (Mrs. Jonathon Knight). Shawl has green tint and 1 1/4 in. fringe on all sides. Two edges are selvage and two are ...

1800 – 1850

Triangular white muslin kerchief with an embroidered floral and foliate spray in the point and trimmed with hand knotted fringe on two sides. Trim 1 3/8 in. PL taken to be the edge with accession t...

19th century

Shawl with red center. Red, green, yellow and brown border. Ends of shawl are large colorful bands with two large yellow paisleys (Persian in design). Ticket reads, "Rescued from the great Chicago ...

Cap (headgear)
1800 – 1850

Small white baby's cap with strings at nap of neck and forehead. Embroidered flowers with eyelets in middle. Eyelets as leaves and embroidered squares.

Child's Cap, fine cotton dimity with fine cotton ruffle around edges. Insertion of embroidered net at top of cap.

Cap (headgear)
1800 – 1850

Embroidered net cap with leaves and tiny star-like pattern throughout cap. Cap comes to a point, two little strings in back. May be a lady's cap.

1800 – 1815

Brown silk crepe Empire style Quaker dress with long sleeves, white silk on back of waist.

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