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Relief work decoration "1758" mark in middle.

Straight-sided, leather fire bucket with leather strap. Painted black and gold on side: "No.2/F Brinley/1757" stitched at top and sides with linen cord. Bottom detached.

circa 1755

Five holes on top of inkwell; cast decoration along sides. "T*S July the 27 1755". Scratched into surface of bottom, transcribed 1980, illegible 1992: "ABE/NEWPORT/DATE/1876". No documentation with...

Order of the Cincinnatus insignia. Right-facing polychromed enamel eagle, attached to green and white ribbons with button attachment. Insignia was owned by George Champlin Mason, inherited by his s...

Leather covered wooden chest; two side handles; lined with may 1760 newspaper "The Publick Ledger".

circa 1750

Scene of man and woman in a garden with a house at lower left, tree and bird in center; reds, blues and greens in tent and long stitch; dark walnut frame.

Coral and bells; whistle with ring at one end, coral teether at other end, row of six bells around middle of ornate shaft, decorates with chasing.

White, silk brocade pink and green flowers. Brocade taffeta with satin stripes and colored flowers. 
Note with fabric fragment: "Piece of material from dress worm by Mrs. Allen at a ball give...

Lady's fancy bag. White, embroidered with moss rose in colored silk. Contains table of Kings of England , ending with George III, 1760.

Round painting of a woman with a red dress and white head covering; she is seated with a mans head appearing behind her on her left; she is holding a parrot; painting is encompassed by a round blac...

Dress (garment)
1750 – 1799

Tan dress made of silk damask, floral motive with framing. Short sleeves, cinched waist, two narrow ruchings at elbow. Petticoat is missing.

1750 – 1850

Two blue and white porcelain saucers decorated w/ an oriental design: pagoda, trees, mountains: zig-zag blue border.

97.18.40 AB
Bowl, Tea
1750 – 1850

A: Nanking ironstone tea bowl, possibly for tea or rice, blue design on white/celadon background. B: Underplate in same design. Subjects include mountains, trees, home and water.

Bowl, Serving
1750 – 1850

Ironstone Nanking serving bowl, blue design on celadon background w/ Nanking border.

1750 – 1850

Blue and white ironstone Canton platter, celadon background, cloud and rain border. Subjects include houses, trees, mountains and bridge.

97.18.37 AB
1750 – 1850

A: Oval ironstone Nanking meat platter. B: Pierced liner. Blue design on celadon background, Nanking border. Subjects include fisherman, trees, hills and homes in 'Oriental' design.

97.16.3 AB
1750 – 1850

(A) Brass eyeglasses w/ crank bridge and quadrangular frames; (B) Tortoise shell case lined w/red velvet, silver button shaped opening catch, hinged on back, plaque on top of case w/ the inscriptio...

Iron, Curling
1750 – 1840

Scissor-like wrought iron tongs; delicate handles curve into rat-tail ends; shafts fastened with (brass) pin. One shaft has two prongs. The single prong of the other shaft fits between them.

65.4.1 AB
1750 – 1775

Flat disk feet, columnar balusters swell into a vase shape; finials are large spheres; small balusters serve as log stops. Iron billet bar. These andirons with disk feet and vase shaped balusters...

Medium shaped pocketbook, done in pink and olive green, with blue outside. Made in Newport with wool yarn (crewel on linen.)

Portrait of Captain Elnathan Hammond. Bust-length portrait, subject faces to right; white wig; round grey eyes, lips turned downward; wearing red jacket showing three big buttons; window in backgro...

Carpenter's triangle, made of whale bone is marked in 8ths up to one foot, marked in brown, numbered in red.

Pounce Box
1750 – 1775

Baluster-turned container with pierced dish at top; used to hold blotting sand or pounce. Belonged to William Ellery.

Irish stitch with a red lining, single pocket inside. Made in Newport with wool yarn (crewel) on linen.

Purse made of wool yarn (crewel) on linen with Irish stitch, pink flame pattern with blue also, green lining, pink binding. Made in New England.

Miniature painting of Christopher Champlin (1731-1805). Profile of male with curly, dark, brown hair; blue eyes, white shirt with frills at the neck, black coat. Printed beneath portrait: "No. 20. ...

W 1974.75.1
circa 1730 – 1750

Tiger maple slant-top desk; three drawers and twelve pigeonholes inside; five drawers outside. Desk of Peleg Peckham (May 1, 1710 - August 27, 1765).

01.180 AB
Pocket (bag)
1730 – 1780

Pear-shaped pockets with a braid along outer borders. Crewel embroidered flowers on front. Each pocket has a different floral design, "B" is more frayed than "A". Backing on both is deteriorating. ...

W 1974.48.1
Pitcher (vessel)
circa 1725 – 1750

Brown and tan colored earthenware pitcher; raised designs cover the outside: two men, two dogs, two trees, man seated near a tavern, man smoking and holding a goblet, three running dogs, boy on roc...

Four pencil posts; simple headboard; rope spring; painted brown; canopy frame. In 1998 bedding placed in chest with ball feet.

Dress (garment)
18th century

Blue and green plaid taffeta dress. Two pinked ruffles on skirt; one narrower ruffle on bodice.

Brocade (textile)
18th century

Swatch of brocade with rose ground.

42.1.32 AB
18th century

Silver gray satin gown. Long sleeved with train, opening over matching petticoat. This gown, originally made about 1775, has been made over to approximate style of 1783-1793. This alteration may be...

42.1.33 AB
18th century

Polonaise dress made of pink and white striped silk and tafetta with fancy stripes. Back of gown same as D19. Separate petticoat has 2 pinked and plaited flounces. Untrimmed sleeves. Designed to be...

Bonnet (hat)
18th century

Black silk Quaker bonnet lined in white. Homespun linen and square mesh linen gauze and a piece of marbled cardboard used in stiffening.

W 142.1
Dining Table
18th century

William and Mary style walnut gate leg table, circular leaves, turned legs and stretchers. There is a small drawer on one end. The gate legs could be folded in so the two leaves, attached by hinges...

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