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Three table spoons with engraved initials: "EBT" in script on handles; spoons have pointed handles; each has an engraved number above the initials: a: "1", b:"2", c: "3". Marked with "WH" enclosed ...

23.3.1 AB
Salt Spoons
1785 – 1871

Two Salt Spoons with engraved initials: "EBJ" in script, handle end is an elongated rectangle. "Nichols" enclosed in a rectangle. Belonged to Edward and Bathsheba Tayer, married October 7, 1798.

Miniature portrait of Edward Arnold Tayer (1774-1848). Brown eyes, powdered hair, white shirt with tie at neck, black vest, brown jacket, stippled blue background. He elimninated Arnold from his na...

Portrait of Edward Arnold Tayer (1774-1848). Half length portrait, subject faces to the right; wearing white blouse with high collar and ruffled chest; black jacket; appears to hold long, red stick...

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