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A Christmas postcard depicting two women and a young boy on an outdoor patio (possibly Anne and Elsie Vanderbilt with William H. Vanderbilt, Jr.). Sent from William and Anne Vanderbilt to Mr. and ...

A Christmas postcard sent by Anne and William Vanderbilt to Mr. Alfred Bryan and family. Front of postcard includes red printed text and a black and white photograph of William H. Vanderbilt, Jr. ...

A Christmas postcard depicting William H. Vanderbilt, Jr. as a toddler, wearing overalls and standing near a picket fence. Sent from the Vanderbilts to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bryan. Red text, appea...

A Christmas postcard depiciting Anne, Emily ("Paddy"), and Elsie Vanderbilt seated in a garden. Addressed to Mr. Alfred Bryan and family.

1941 – 1945

A pair of navy blue wool trousers that are part of a U.S. Navy dress uniform. Bell bottom cut. Flap at front closes with 13 buttons (with anchors). Two welted pockets at waistband, one with zipper....

1941 – 1945

The top to a U.S. Navy dress jumper from World War II. Made of navy blue wool. Welted front pocket at right front has a yoke across chest and a patch with a gold eagle emblem. Three rows of twill t...

A postcard from the Vanderbilt family to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bryan. Includes a photograph of Anne and William Vanderbilt with their daughters (Anne and Elsie) and Mr. Vanderbilt's daughter (Emily).

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