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Bonnet (hat)
circa 1895

Cotton sunbonnet. Fancy pink & white striped. To be used in pagents.

Bonnet (hat)
circa 1895

Cotton sunbonnet, fancy stripe in color. To be used in pagents.

Pink roses, gold lace, black velvet bows as decoration on hat.

Bonnet (hat)
1890 – 1900

Black velvet bonnet, silk and flower trim, decorative chenile yarns, black faceted beads,silk ribbon ties, flowers are pink and yellow with green leaves.

Bonnet (hat)
1885 – 1895

Straw bonnet with dark blue velvet facing. Considered a cottage bonnet. It was woern by Ida C. Waldron (1859-1936), who was step-sister to Mrs. Albert Yeager.

bonnets (hats)
1885 – 1895

Straw bonnet with dark blue velvet facing. Considered a "cottage bonnet." Was worn by Ida C. Waldron (1859-1936), who was step-sister to Mrs. Albert Yeager.

Bonnet (hat)
circa 1870

Tan bonnet with a quilted rim and matching tan ties. Worn by Dorothy Gifford of Providence, RI.

Bonnet (hat)
1870 – 1890

Black bonnet with straw brim and lacey straw crown, velvet streamers, velvet flower trim, silk under straw crown.

Bonnet (hat)
1860 – 1865

Brown and white bonnet with green trimming made of pin-checked taffeta. Exterior features rossettes with pinked edges. Interior features a flower made of sheer fabric. Marked: "Worn by my sister, E...

circa 1845

Gray/brown lightly quilted silk bonnet. Lined with light blue silk. Silk ribbons the same color as the lining act as lappets, up to 26 1/2 in. long. 4 in. long bavolet. Small, blue silk bow attache...

bonnet (hat)
circa 1840 – 1860

A gray silk bonnet with long ties (19 inches). The bonnet is comprised of a stiff brim (about 4-5 inches wide, lined with a sheer silk fabric) and a gathered portion at rear. A stiff open weave fab...

Bonnet made of milan straw.

Wireframe bonnet made of rust colored silk, featuring puffy trim, gathering, with bronze bow and ties for neck. 

D238 A
Bonnet (hat)
19th century

Quaker bonnet, in greenish gray silk with white lining.

Bonnet (hat)
1790 – 1800

Natural straw bonnet with linen ribbon and gathered linen trim.

Bonnet (hat)
18th century

Black silk Quaker bonnet lined in white. Homespun linen and square mesh linen gauze and a piece of marbled cardboard used in stiffening.

Child's ivory bonnet. Lace and crochet along the sides and edges. Crochet flower in the center of the back with long ribbons.

Sheer muslin bonnet. Trimmed in machine made lace. Extremely narrow (less than 1/8 in.) soutache braid used to decorate muslin ground in an indecipherable pattern- appears to be random squiggles. 1...

White heavily starched bonnet. Made of sheer cotton. Hand stitched. 1 1/4 in. ruffle around face. Crown and brim both made of starched cotton. Brim 6 in. at widest point. Extremely large brim resem...

White fur covered bonnet with blush colored ribbon detailing.

Tan bonnet with boning throughout. Small ruffle around the brim and large ruffle at back.

Black, quilted winter bonnet. Black ribbon tie with ivory colored lining.

Black straw bonnet with a wide brim and black ribbon tie. The inner lining is a synthetic material.

Light brown quilted bonnet with matching ties.

Light grey quilted bonnet with tan ties.

Mesh bonnet with open lace border. Seams are visible.

Sheer bonnet with short ties. Secondary tie cinches along face. Offwhite linen fabric.

Black quilted bonnet with embossed flower detail across the head and neck. Wavy ruffle detail along the face and a black ribbon tie under the chin. The inner lining is brown linen.

Brown quilted bonner with fringe ruffle along the edges and neckline. Brown ribbon tie under the chin.

Brown and white gingham pattern bonnet. Ruffle detailing around the edges and at the neck.

An ivory bonnet made of an unbalanced plain weave fabric (which gives a plaid-like effect). A drawstring is located at top back; bonnet is secured by a fabric tie (possibly one missing). Fabric app...

A bonnet made of a brown open weave fabric. Features include a brim with several rows of gathering, a gathered panel at bottom, and two ties at sides. Interior is lined with a slightly darker plain...

A lightweight ivory bonnet made from a plain weave fabric in a square checkered design. Gathers are seen around circumference; wide folded panel at front. Possibly starched and probably made of cot...

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