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White cotton petticoat, 5" up from hem are eyelets and embroidery, four vertical bands above this.

circa 1865

Green petticoat in cambric or silicia, pleats at waist.

Brown china silk crepe with damask figure. Border at bottom; quilting follows woven desgin. Lined with brown and white check cotton. Wadded with lamb's wool. R.T. Briggs believes petticoats of this...

Plain white petticoat of fine striped dimity, two inch ruffle of white cotton at bottom.

Unbleached hoop petticoat. Linen and split reed or over 3 groups hoops, placket holes padded with wool ovver hips. Tapes which will tie petticoat in oval form.

Plain white floor length petticoat with lace trim. Pink ribbon is woven through diamond pattern made with lace and plain weave. Closure at waist features a tie and one button. Found in suitcase, FI...

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