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circa 1920

Black, charmeuese satin.

circa 1912

White lace lingere with seven mother-of-pearl buttons down front, v-neck, crocheted elements.

1900 – 1910

Long rose silk dress, long sleeves, embroidered gold and silver floral, crown and lily motif. Buttoned front, gold lining, large brocade gold and silver motif on back of dress. Possibly aniline dye.

D13 AB
circa 1898

Black moire silk, trimmed with net, jet "chantilly" lace. Bell skirt with lace flounce; separate waist high collar; bishop sleeves.

Reseda green; Satin, trimmed with jet beads. Sleeve puffs matching satin with scroll design in red.

D414 AB
Dress (garment)
1882 – 1883

White satin trim with lace.

2 bodices with a skirt belt. Bright green; ribbed silk. Originally trimmed with lace. Made by Worth, 7 Rue de la Paix, Paris, France

circa 1865

Brown ribbed silk dress with belt and pockets. Buttons run from nick to hem, but are only functional from the neck to midrift. Possible Negligee dress?

Apple green ribbed silk shirt and bodice with white satin flowers, lace collar. Eight white satin buttons remain out of ten buttons on front of bodice. Back of skirt is longer than the front. Flowe...

Child's dress in white fancy rique.

Pink cotton long sleeve dress with attached cape with scalloped edges, eight remaining buttons in front of dress, white embroidered trim on cape.

Golden Brown ribbed silk dress, long sleeves with embroidered lace cuffs.

White barege; blue woven figure; low neck, shirt sleeves, separate small shoulder cape. Belonged to Eleanor Bowen, made about 1845-1850.

Short infant's dress in lavender and white calico. trimmed with points. Some trimming or puffing has been removed from puff sleeves.

Dress (garment)
1800 – 1825

Brown crepe Quaker dress lined with brown silk, drawstrings on back. Dress is plain but the hem has a floral motif. Worn by Elizabeth Allen (1768-1834).

Polonaise dress in white taffeta with a floral design in cherry. Brocaded stripe and rosebuds. Bodice and train sewed together but cut separately (i.e. no "Walteau" effect). Separate petticoat of s...

Pink long sleeved taffeta dress and petticoat. Laced-up lower sleeves.

1750 – 1799

Tan dress made of silk damask, floral motive with framing. Short sleeves, cinched waist, two narrow ruchings at elbow. Petticoat is missing.

A black dress with an embroidered black collar, most likely mourning attire.

A two-piece ensemble, including an unsleeved bodice and matching skirt made of a lusterous burgundy fabric. Bodice (A) is missing sleeves and buttons, although there are 17 button holes down center...

Empire style dress in white. Muslin embroidery with all over design. High waist; low neck; puffed sleeves trimmed with four rows of cording. Pink taffeta slip may be contemporary.

Cream colored silk dress, crimped cream colored silk fringe on ends of short sleeves and bottom of dress. Overlay of sheer material on sleeves and bodice. Pearls and clear color beading trim.

Purple silk bodice (a) and skirt (b) with smallwhite embroidered flowers. Skirt would have had a bustle. Bodice has long sleeves with white lace cuffs and lace around the rectangular neck. Twelve b...

Black silk bodice(a) and skirt(b) covered with black chiffon, black sequins and black chenille. Bottom of skirt is tiered and the back is longer than the front. Marjorie Lee is inked on the label.

Pink, purple, blue and green chiffon floral print (sheer) and black lace dress. Black lace sections below waist are two rectangular areas, one in the front and one in the back. Above the waist are ...

Pink silk short sleeve dress, lace arms, lace sash from right shoulder to waist. Pink silk sash with bow around waist, lace over silk on lower half of dress but not all the way down to bottom of dr...

Short sleeve, high neck, cream colored sik dress with a white lace overlay and pink silk trim. Pink silk around bottom of dress, waist, cuffs, shoulders and neck. Small pink buttons and hooks on ba...

Olive green bodice (a) with tiny black sparkling bead embroidery on back, front, bottom and sleeves. Slightly pleated. Puffs on upper arms with red and green stem design, two straps hanging in back...

Purple velvet dress with purple taffetta sleeves, rhinestone floral motif on arms and front of dress, buttons on upper back.

Floral print v-neck linen dress with purple velvet trim, sixteen decorative purple velvet buttons and long lace sleeves protruding from short linen sleeves attached to bodice by twelve tabs on eith...

Black silk dress with high lace collar. Pink beading at cuffs and neck. Embroidered and beaded sleeve bands and chest area. Decorative buttons on front and side of skirt. Hanging 'pom-pom' elements...

Red paisley dress with brown velvet trim around cuffs and down front of dress. Fourteen buttons. The material resembles corduroy.

Dress and cape of silverish green with long silk sleeveless, v-neck dress with belt and matching silk cape (b). Tulle at shoulders, tulle flower on left shoulder. Pleats on shoulders of cape.

Sheer dress with pink and purple flower print on ivory ground. Long sleeved with a layered skirt, belt of same material.

Ivory dress of tulle with lace overlay. Lace sleeves, chiffon bodice front. Chiffon sashes hang down from each shoulder, attached with round rhinestone buttons.

Long ivory cotton dress with short sleeves, train, empire waist. Ivory embroidery w/ tulle along train, bottom of dress, down middle of dress, on sleeves and around waist.

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